Bigg Boss 14: Kavita Kaushik’s husband Ronit Biswas has disclosed about his relatives in law-enforcement, to file a complaint against his accomplice Goni for his violence

In the recent episode of Bigg Boss 14, Ellie Gony lost her s ** t on Captain Kavita Kaushik, when she takes her personal belongings in a bottle only to be punished by stealing a bottle of juice. Kavita said to Ellie, “Mai teri baap hoon”, which gave her no end and the tempo took off. Fitting angrily, Aly kills a trash bin, which kills Kavita, who was standing near her and houe erupts into chaos. Talking about his wife having almost daily clutter in the house, Kavita’s husband Ronit Biswas said, “Physical violence was never a thing that we signed whether directly or indirectly. It doesn’t matter. ” Bigg Boss 14: Capt. Kavita Kaushik demands after Agon Goni’s aviction that he gets aggressive and violent with her (see video).

“I saw the promo the day before, yesterday and I was very upset. But once I saw how Kavita was putting it and how she was behaving, I felt so proud of her. . My sadness vanished and I was happy. ” Proud Ronit in a conversation with ETimes TV said that no matter how much you try to target this girl, she will not bow down in front of anyone. It will look bright and strong. Bigg Boss 14 November 24 Episode: Eli Gony gives a big prize for being violent towards 6 highlights of Captain Kavita Kaushik – BB14.

He also said that what Kavita said to Ellie was not a big deal. Pointing out that Ellie recited the poem the same line three times, Ronit revealed, “He has said it three times after this as well. So, I think the subject should have ended then and only then.” But I understand that most homeowners know that. Kavita is quite strong and if they fight with her or corner her, they will get some footage. It is very sad that the country where we talk about women He keeps on talking. He is equal to men, we worship the goddess, we celebrate women and talk about women. Empowerment, there is a man who is threatening a woman on national television that he is Will make life a living hell or let it sleep (main iska jeena haram kar doonga, main sune nahi doonga). “

Check out the video below:

Ronit also argued that Ellie’s motives were indeed violent and showed during the fight. “If he didn’t want to hurt anyone, he had another trash bin behind him that he could kick him, but he hit Kavita’s close, it went to show his intent. We all saw How aggressive he was being, if a kick. A man is so aggressive with a woman then we can understand that there is definitely something wrong with his mind. Because of people like him, other men who are good towards women. , They are also baffled. “

Ronit also castigated other male contestants in the house. “We do our bedi batin, about the honor of women, daughter, study daughter, save them all, we go into a sewer. We see this kind of behavior on national television. I am so proud of Kavita that she has so many people Pitted against. ” Other ‘so-called men’ of the house, who had a problem with Jasmine breaking up and had an issue with Rahul which again was not an issue and was created, some ‘so-called men’ stood by him. But surprisingly, not in last night’s episode. One said that Eli you are doing wrong and if Kavita said that, you too repeated it, three times. This is the rest, it is not done in the house of Big Boss, otherwise it was said in Kashi. “

Ronit also believes that Ellie’s bestie Jasmine Bhasin, who has been targeting Kavita in the last few episodes, is now breaking her trust. “After watching the recent episode, I started to feel that a woman on the show is the biggest enemy of another woman. What we saw in the first few weeks of Jasmin Bhasin was absolutely fake and we are getting to see her real side now. ” She is getting into her element and can only make fun of and mock the poem and she thinks she is funny. I can’t believe an actor could do something like this with a senior. He treats Ejaz Khan in the same derogatory manner. Ijaz and Kavita are still close in age. Ejaz is 45 years old, Kavita is 39 years old and Jasmine is 30 and despite such a big difference she makes fun of Ejaz. We got to see how much she respects her seniors. Even viewers and fans. Watching it. “

Some of Ronit’s relatives, who are in law-enforcement, asked him if he wanted to file a complaint against Eli Gony. “I am getting a lot of calls from our well-wishers and relatives who are in the police force, government officials and they are asking me if I want to take action against Eli Gony or lodge a complaint. However, I told them Is. It’s not needed, but I was expecting a strict punishment from the channel and the production house. A week’s nomination makes no sense, “concluded Ronit.

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