Varun Dhawan was not the first choice for the role of Prateik Gandhi in 1992, the actor clarifies

Scam 1992 This year’s OTT web series is most liked, revered and liked. The show has managed to please everyone and is still being watched by many. Prateik Gandhi was reviewed by Harshad Mehta and made him an overnight star. But suddenly a Twitter user revealed that he was not Varun Dhawan’s first choice. The user claims that the Coolie actor was first approached for the role and when he could not accept it explicitly, it went to Gandhi. The actor has now gone on to dismiss the reports that the role was always suited to Gandhi and others. Scam 1992 review: Hansal Mehta’s brilliant story in Harshad Mehta’s story

Varun wrote on Twitter, “Not really true. I think that may be the only option for this show. #pratikgandhi Absolutely fantastic. big fan #a scam 1992. “The user claimed that he got the information online. The article states that Varun was supposed to play Harshad Mehta in Paresh Rawal’s production. But that was canceled.

In this world of fake news, it is indeed commendable that Varun made it clear. The improved SonyLIV is doing an incredible job of bringing the right content to their digital platform and Scam 1992 Is a shining example.

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