Snakes in Dreams: Is a Snake in a Dream auspicious or inauspicious? Know what is the meaning of such dreams

Snakes in Dreams: Is a Snake in a Dream auspicious or inauspicious?  Know what is the meaning of such dreams

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Snakes in Dreams: In Dreams, we often see someone, whether it is a human being or an animal. Whether it is God or Ghost. Sometimes we get scared even while dreaming. This happens often with children. It is said that what happens in your real life is what we see in the dream as a story. At the same time, dreams also make us aware of the impending disaster. Every dream has a different meaning which gives us some signs.

You must have seen snakes in dreams many times. Let us tell you that there are different meanings to see Snake. Viewing a snake can be both auspicious and inauspicious. It depends on which stage you see the snake in your dream. Many times, snakes appear repeatedly in dreams. Astrologers believe that when Rahu is heard in life, a snake can appear in the dream. This means that Rahu is going to give you the fruits of your actions. It can be auspicious for anyone and inauspicious for anyone. Let’s know about the different ways of seeing snakes in dreams.

Snake bite It is believed that if you have seen in a dream that a snake bites you, then it is a matter of some concern. This means that in the coming time you may be surrounded by some terrible disease. You may have to face physical pain. Also read: Sex Dreams: What is the meaning of intercourse, masterbation and other dreams related to sex? What do such dreams indicate?

Run after the snake It is said that if you see in your dream that a snake is running you, then understand that even in real life, you are afraid of anything or running away from accepting something which you do not like.

Kundalini Shakti – According to Hindu beliefs, snakes also represent the Kundalini powers. If the snake has come into your dream, it means that your spiritual spiritual powers are awakened and moving upwards from the Muladhara Chakra. This means that your creativity has progressed towards progress.

Dead snake It is said that if you are trying to kill a snake in your dream or if you have seen a dead snake, then it means that you have fully consumed the fruit of Rahu and now your troubles are over. Now Rahu will not bother you.

Snake teeth If you see the teeth of a snake in your dream, then it simply means that you can harm your close relative or friend. After a few days of the dream, take steps carefully in any work.

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Battle of snake and mongoose If you have seen a fight between two snakes and or a snake and mongoose in your dream, be careful. You may have to bite the court due to some reason. You may have to fight a legal battle.

Snake nearing – If a snake is coming near you in a dream, then it is an inauspicious dream for you, because it shows that your mind is wandering somewhere else or your mind is distracted, then you need to stabilize your mind.

married life If any of the husband or wife sees a snake in a dream, then there can be a big crisis in his upcoming marriage life.

Those who worship Lord Shiva want to see Lord Shiva once, so Lord Shiva has chosen the medium of dreams to give his devotees a vision so that the devotees can see him. However, Lord Shiva never gives darshan to his devotees in full, so he gives darshan in people’s dreams through his beloved snake and Nandi.

note- All the information given in this article has been written for informational purpose. We do not guarantee its reality, accuracy and specific results. Every person’s thinking and opinion about this can be different.

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