Meghan Trainor excited to celebrate Baby’s first Christmas in 2021

Singer Meghan Trainor looks forward to celebrating Christmas with her unborn baby next year. Sitara admitted that she prefers to give birth to her first child with husband Daryl Sabara around the festive period, but her baby is due in February 2021. “I’m a Christmas baby. That’s what I wanted, but we didn’t achieve. That goal for a minute. But being mine (in February), she said during a radio show, Mel B Moves Court calls for more child support from Eddie Murphy as his income dramatically decreases

On family traditions she would continue with her child, she said: “I think Christmas Eve is better because when we are with family and we give our gifts to each other … usually we Children like to give their time to have gifts in the morning with Santa Claus and a good family time. Anne Hathaway is not sure about having a third child, ‘I think I have found two healthy people and it feels really good’

And I’m gonna be a mother now, I’m gonna. Therefore, I want to give that family alone time on Christmas day. “Meanwhile, the singer recently admitted that she is” so impatient “during her pregnancy. She said:” I’m in the second half (quarter). . I’m good I am taking it forward. But I am so impatient. “

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