Kumar Sanu reacted to the allegations of son Jan Sanu, saying, ‘He should change his name to Jan Rita Bhattacharya’

Veteran singer Kumar Sanu and his son Janu Kumar Sanu’s relationship is growing sour from day to day. While life was inside Bigg Boss 14 At home, Kumar Sanu made some public comments that hurt Jan’s feelings. Recently after being evicted from the house, the singer reacted to the comments made by her father and said that Kumar Sanu had no right to question her upbringing. Singer Kumar Sanu’s son’s name is not Kumar Janu, but Jan Kumar Sanu and netizens are having a hard time processing this piece of information!

Reacting to the many bold statements made by Jaan, Kumar Sanu finally broke his silence and said that he did not expect this resentment from his side. Talking to Bombay Times Romance The singer said, “It is sad that Jaan is saying all this about me when she met me just before she went to Bigg Boss house.” Kumar Sanu revealed that whenever Jan Kumar Sanu would send him a song, he always reassured him with positive comments on his work.

“He asked me to call some industry people I know. I called Mukesh Bhattji, Ramesh Tauraniji and some others, and Jaan went to meet them, but now it is up to them whether they want to give him work or not. In fact, when Jaan wanted to be part of some of my live concerts, I let her connect with some people. Jan Kumar Sanu of Bigg Boss 14: My parents split up when my mother was six months pregnant with me.

Opening up about raising Jan’s statement, Kumar Sanu said, “I appreciate her respect for her mother, and I believe in giving her mother even more respect.” He should write his name as Jan Rita Bhattacharya and not Jan Kumar Sanu because, first of all, Ritaji has done a lot for him, and secondly, people will start comparing him to me, as a newcomer. I am not good for them. I am the happiest father to see him succeed. “

Earlier, Jan had commented on the video, Kumar Sanu uploaded about his upbringing on social media. He said, “I believe I have mixed feelings for him. I haven’t seen these videos. I don’t think anyone has the right to question my upbringing because everybody has seen me on the show and My upbringing is appreciated. “

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