International Meatless Day 2020: Manushi Chillar explains how good and healthy her fitter is as a vegetarian.

Actress Manushi Chillar says that being vegetarian is a personal choice for her, and shared that it makes her fitter and healthier. On International Meatless Day, Manushi said: “For me, being vegetarian was a personal choice. It has always been and will be a way of life for me because my parents are vegetarian and I have developed it through them. However , They never forced me on it. I made my choice after realizing that it suits me remarkably and makes me feel fitter and healthier. ” Manushi Chillar in Wonder Woman avatar will be the best thing on the internet today (see pic)

Manushi, who will enter Bollywood in 2021, says she likes to eat clean. “I have since believed in eating clean food and I have realized over the years that a plant-based diet works better for me. I cannot do a downside to eating like this. I strongly believe this diet I do and I would recommend it for those who want to try it out and see if they feel isolated after living on it. Being a vegetarian is an integral part of my life and I get many benefits due to my life choices Is realized, ”she revealed. Happy Birthday Manushi Chillar: 8 fascinating facts about the former Miss World that you may not know

Manushi will make her Bollywood debut with Akshay Kumar in the upcoming historical drama “Prithviraj”. “Prithviraj” is based on the life and valor of Prithviraj Chauhan. The film was directed by Dr. Chandraprakash Dwivedi, who worked in the television epic “Chanakya” and the period drama “Pinjar”.

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