Happy Thanksgiving: You Have Mail, Little Woman, Home Alone – 5 Movies To Binge Watch This Holiday Season (Watch Video)

Thanksgiving is not just about having every dish on the menu, taking Thanksgiving pie and a lot of earned naps, but about gathering with all your family members and pushing yourself to TV. A movie marathon is a must when you have eaten so much food and we are here to help you decide which movie to choose for the festival. Thanksgiving 2020 Side Dishes Recipe: From Creamed Spinach to Roasted Cauliflower, 5 Yummy Delicacies that can give the main Turkish dish a run for its money!

It is very hard to choose a movie to watch on Thanksgiving Day, so we listed one of our top 5 for the night! One of the Thanksgiving-themed films that takes us through the Christmas holiday season, we have all kinds of movies for you. See our list below:

you’ve got Mail

Who doesn’t love seeing the Tom Hanks-Meg Ryan matchup you’ve got Mail There are a lot of emotional moments for us to love the film. Entertaining remake of 1940 Shop around the corner Thanksgiving is a perfect pick for a marathon night as the film provides the magical experience that Thanksgiving is all about.

Eccentric mr fox

Eccentric mr fox Is a Wes Andresen classic. Family, friends, and the theme around the feast in this animated film is the perfect thing to watch after a heavy meal. The film is as pleasing to the eye as you get in Wes Anderson’s trademark autumn color palette, which is the best way to bid for the fall.

Love in Thanksgiving Day Parade

As the title of the film – Love in Thanksgiving Day Parade It shows, The film is about thanksgiving. Revolving around Chicago’s annual Thanksgiving Day Parade, the film is made with a beautiful love story of Henry Baldwin (Antonio Kapo) and Emily Rogers (Autumn Racer).

Little lady

A perfect family pick is Little Woman. This fun story of the sisters of March – Meg, Amy, Beth and Joe- is a great holiday film to watch with their family on a mission. There are some moments that you will feel with this film and feel closer to your siblings. Thanksgiving 2020 Turkey Recipe: Spiced-Rubbed Turkey from Roasted Butter Herb Turkey, 5 Meat Recipe for Bon Appetit Thanksgiving Dinner.

home alone

We have placed the best for last. No holiday season begins formally until the whole family sits together to watch home alone. This film is a classic in every sense and we are sure that you will never be bored by watching this film.

So this is our Thanks for a Thanksgiving movie marathon session. We hope you will come back with your family in this festive season and enjoy one of these films. Best wishes to everyone here!

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