The End of the Blind Explanation: Decoding the edgy, twist-filled climax of Arjun Das’s Netflix thriller (SPOILER ALERT – latest exclusive)

AndhaghaaramThe new Tamil thriller will have its share of fans and detectives on Netflix. This is certainly different from the Spooky films that come our way, traditionally told by Vighnaraj. Made by Attlee, Andhaghaaram A supernatural thriller merges three mystical tales to evoke that go on. The trouble here is that the film takes about three hours to run and is a bit problematic for an otherwise entertaining film. Andhagaram Movie Review: Arjun Das and Vinoth Krishnan Impress in Highly Suspenseful but Long Spooky Thriller.

Andhaghaaram Arjun Das, Vinoth Krishnan, Pooja Ramachandran, Kumar Natarajan and Misha Ghoshal. The film follows three men, who are unconnected with each other and have horrific events in their lives. Dr. Indran (Kumar Natarajan) is almost shot by a violent patient, causing his family to die and he loses both his voice and his professional license. But post your recovery, dr. Indran opposes to a new personality, which is very sensitive and dangerous.

The blind Selvam (Vinoth Krishnan) follows in his father’s footsteps when he is in dire need of money. But when he encounters a greater evil – greed, it becomes more than he bargained for.

Vinod is blamed due to the incompetent position of his best friend, who he feels is responsible for it. In his troubled mental state, he suffers from mysterious calls to his newly installed landline rotary phone, which threatens more each time. It is later revealed that the timeline of each arc is not occurring at the same time.

So how are the stories of these men interlinked? What does Pooja (Pooja Ramachandran) have to do with each of them? What do they have to do with the bizarre opening sequence of people committing suicide? The film’s exosite climax answers all the questions that it suddenly turns into a revenge drama. So if you have seen the movie and have not received all your answers, then break the climax in the article below and explain everything to you. And which is not, you are reading if it is full of SPOILERS, so tread carefully.

So let’s have a look at the five main aspects of the finaleā€¦

Dr. Indran

It is finally established that it is Drs. There were Indran whose soul is calling and tormenting Vinod. And this is the same soul that explains (with unnecessary detail) why Vinod is going through hellish troubles. Prior to his death, Drs. Indran had developed an abomination for all of his patients, seeking help from a psychiatrist, blaming him for what his family killer has done to him. He had hypnotized everyone into doing his bidding, including his appraiser. And at the same time he committed suicide and killed them. But he too died unknowingly when, in an accident, one of his victims (Pradeep) fell on him when he jumped from his flat and fell to his death.

Still from Andhagaharam (Photo Credit Netflix)

Because of his anger towards Vinod, it was for three reasons. At first, Vinod himself required psychiatric treatment, thus becoming an automatic victim for Indran. Secondly, it was his call which caused the doctor to reach the place where he died. Third, Vinod’s Dr. He had a deep connection with Indran and even Selvam, though he did not know it.

Vinod, Pradeep and the vengeful soul

It was Vinod who sent Selvam’s father’s acclaimed occult book to his best friend Pradeep early in the film, receiving it from the same library where Selvam was working as a clerk. He did not know that this book would invite the wrath of a raging soul. Bhavna Dr. Indran had the same patient who killed his family and then committed suicide.

Still from Andhagaharam (Photo Credit Netflix)

This Dr. There was only one soul living in Indran’s office, who was later trapped in a bottle by Selvam, but she failed to bury it before she was (accidentally) killed by the publisher’s goons. Bhavna had Pradeep, so this made Indran double vengeful to kill him.

Selvam and Telephone

Pradeep’s wife and Selvam’s assistant teacher Pooja has visited Selvam’s house after the murder. He learns that Selvam used to communicate with spirits, including his dead father. But Selvam was never a medium. It was the telephone, the same telephone that later came under Vinod’s possession, which Selvam used to communicate with spirits.

Still from Andhagaharam (Photo Credit Netflix)

Selvam’s soul was communicating with Vinod all along, trying to save him from the wrath of Indran’s ghost, though Vinod was oblivious to it (until Pooja tells him about it).

Bridge view

Vinod breaks the telephone with desperation, but Pooja tells him that he needs the telephone to contact Selvam to find out who he was. While the telephone was being repaired, Vinod reported that it was Indran’s soul that was bothering him. When the telephone starts ringing again, he runs away with it until he reaches the bridge and takes the call. After concluding the above exhibition, a pungent Indra asks Vinod to avenge his death.

Still from Andhagaharam (Photo Credit Netflix)

However, Selvam’s soul took control of Vinod’s body and prevented Indran from causing further damage. We see him destroying the phone, thus ending Indran’s threat, which also reveals a scene of a collapsed phone shown during the opening credits.

Still from Andhagaharam (Photo Credit Netflix)

Since the entire film does not follow a straightforward story, the events have been uprooted by everyone, including the final scene.

the revenge

Final scene. Selvam’s spirit holds the publisher responsible for her murder and later claims her home. The bridge does not follow the scene. If you Had he closely followed the expulsion of Indran’s soul, you would have heard him say that Selvam’s ghost avenged him from his killer and took back his house (which suggests that when Vinod first went there, the house Was in an abusive situation and the builder’s board fell to the ground).

Still from Andhagaharam (Photo Credit Netflix)

Earlier in the film, Pooja asks Selvam’s soul to do a deed for her over the phone, which was to avenge her killer, knowing that the merciful Selvam himself would not do it otherwise (that scene in the examination hall) where Selvam Denies Pooja that her help to solve her paper is proof). She also snatches the phone before the goons of the publisher arrive there. And possibly, it is he who, on Selvam’s birthday, sends a telephone to the publisher from which he is killed.

Still from Andhagaharam (Photo Credit Netflix)

This is why Pooja was surprised when Vinod had the same phone. Perhaps the telephone department grabbed the phone while the murdered person’s office was being retrieved. We can join on the dots here.

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