Married teachers in Georgia get both Kovid-19s, husband now on life support

Husband and wife teachers in Georgia both contracted coronoviruses – and one of them is now on life support, according to NBC affiliate WXIA.

Both Priscella Key and Patrick Key teach in Cobb County Public Schools and tested positive a week ago. Priscella Key told WXIA that she is recovering at home, but Patrick Key, 52, is on a ventilator in the intensive care unit at a hospital in Marietta, Georgia.

Key said that while her husband’s condition is stable, she is being seduced and “far away from the forest.”

She says staff in the ICU is helping her stay in touch on occasions she wakes up via video call, and she is communicating with sign language and finger spelling.

He said, “He has held the phone and given me a new look, so that I can talk to him once or twice.” Every time a gift has been given, ”Key told WXIA in an email.

“Yesterday, he was able to show me the ASL symbol for I Love You.”

Key said that her husband has been a teacher at an elementary art school in Cobb County for 23 years.

“Yesterday, a large group of teachers and their families came to our house to help take care of yard work,” Key told WXIA. Patrick is a man who would do anything to help someone without asking for anything in return. “

“He really cares about people and it’s very heartening to see that people really care about him,” he said. “He is trying his best to fight off this terrible virus. I look forward to the day when he is healthy and we can pay all of this love and kindness.”

According to an update posted on a GoFundMe page for the couple’s medical expenses, doctors on Tuesday removed their ventilators for a brief period of time, enabling them to breathe for four hours.

“He’s on the ventilator now. The fact that he was able to leave for that long is a very good sign!” Organizer Meera Mullins wrote, a fellow Cobb County teacher.

According to the state of Georgia, more than 400,000 Kovid-19 cases have been confirmed in the state since the onset of the epidemic.

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