Andhagaram Movie Review: Arjun Das and Vinoth Krishnan’s highly suspenseful yet lengthy story

Andhra Movie Review: Popular director Atlee Ne. Producer for the first film directed by Vinjarajan Andhaghaaram. A supernatural / psychological thriller, Andhaghaaram Finds his strength in his very entertaining story that keeps you, the viewer, in the dark, where he goes, before he reveals his bundle of secrets. Fully directed and extremely intriguing, not to mention well acted, this Tamil film puts you on a tenterhook, though the runtime of around three hours is in danger of going bad. OTT Week Released: ZEE5’s Naxalbari, Andhagaharam on Netflix, No. 13 on Amazon Prime and more.

Andhaghaaram Its narrative relies on three main arcs of three unrelated individuals. Selvam (Vinoth Kishan) is blind and works as a clerk in a public library. While in solitary existence, Selvam needs money for his kidney transplant surgery, but the only way to do so is to invoke the secret skills he once learned from his father.

Dr. Indran (Kumar Natarajan), a brilliant psychiatrist, finds his life shattering, leaving a doctor seriously injured after a patient becomes violent and kills his family, and then commits suicide. After losing his vocal ragas and relying on aid to speak, Dr. Indran is desperate to return to practice once again. The trouble is, he is no longer the same man.

Vinod (Arjun Das) is a cricket coach who has failed to make a place in the Indian team and is blamed for his role in what happened to his best friend. He makes strange calls to his newly installed landline phone, posing a threat every time. His girlfriend (Misha Ghoshal) feels that he has lost it in the head, and even suspects his piety, as creepy things happen around him.

There is also a girl Pooja (Pooja Ramachandran), who has a relationship with all three men.

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Andhaghaaram Starts off with a very frightening scene where a man who is after getting caught by a creepy book starts harming himself. We then see another random man shooting his counselor, who Later becomes Dr. Indran, and then we get a glimpse of some people who died by suicide. Within the first five minutes, Vighnarajan (who has also written the screenplay) has your attention, which is almost unbreakable throughout the film. These horrific sequences, as well as the mysterious events surrounding the lives of the three main characters, are all tied into the film’s exosite climax (which I’ll get to in a while). Antagram, produced by Atlee, to release directly on Netflix.

By then, with the length of its length, I was completely hooked on where the film is. When it comes to setting the three main stories against each other, Vighnarajan has taken a page from Christopher Nolan Dunkirk. I will not say more on this that it will spoil some surprises Andhaghaaram has to offer. Edwin Sakye’s cinematography is fantastic, I especially loved a barren tree, flying eagles and a man walking away. Really captivating!

I was a little disappointed with the third act, where Vinod’s mystery caller puts the burden of exposure on why he is facing this peculiar situation. Sure, it answers all of the film’s mysteries, but realizes that there is a lazy and cliché way to tie all the loose ends to the film, not to mention, in an unintentionally hilarious death sequence for a character to put. It also doesn’t help that some answers you can easily guess before the characters arrive at their conclusions. Like what is the relationship between Vinod and Selvam. Or who is the torment of humor.

Even with the length and heavy finale, Vighnarajan still managed to work in an impressive show, both writer and director, which is his first film. He received considerable support from his cast members, especially Arjun Das (whose instability reminded me a lot from KGF) and Vinoth Kishan (his character’s story misses surprisingly emotional nuances).


– Enigmatic statement

– the leads


– Runtime

– The Underlaming Finale

final thoughts

Andhaghaaram Is an unnaturally told supernatural thriller that makes you aware of its horrors of mystery. Some trimming of its length and a more effective climax turned it into one of our finest adventures in recent times. Still, not at all, a bad effort for the first time filmmaker. Andhaghaaram Is streaming on Netflix.

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