The Michigan Election Board slammed Trump’s effort, voting to authenticate Biden’s victory

The Michigan State Board of Canvassers voted Monday to certify the state’s presidential election results, a victory for President-elect Joe Biden and a major blow to President Donald Trump’s attempt to bump the results.

The four-member board included two Democrats to vote in favor of certification by one of its two Republicans. The second Republican board member was omitted. NBC News has introduced Biden as the winner in Michigan, where Trump is leading by more than 150,000 votes in the presidential election.

It comes as Trump’s aides and lawyers, including legislators from states including Michigan, named Trump electors in states won by President-Elect Joe Biden. He has also made unfounded claims about irregularities and discrepancies in Vote Long – Eckling from Wayne County, which includes Detroit and its large black population.

Trump invited Michigan state Republican state lawmakers – state Senate Majority Leader Mike Shirke and House Speaker Lee Chatfield to the White House last week. Critics saw this as an attempt to influence the certification process, but lawmakers later said they were “not aware of any information that would change the election result in Michigan.”

In a joint statement issued after their nearly two-hour visit to the White House, Michigan lawmakers said voters are the ones who elect the state’s electors.

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