Sukirti Khandpal on Story 9 months: ‘Aaliya’s role stood out in a beautiful way from all characters I have an aspirated in the past’

Actress Sukirti Khandpal is all set to make her comeback on television with Sony TV’s next offering Story 9 Manthas Ki. In this show Sukirti will play the role of an independent businessman, who decides to go out of the IVF route after being badly broken and has a family. Sukirti will play the role of Alia Shroff, an ambitious and successful, who decides to opt for single motherhood through IVF. And Sukirti revealed in a conversation, “I was immediately liked and related to Alia Shroff’s character when it was narrated to me. The fact that she is ambitious, a well-known, a completely nonsensical person and an accomplishment. is.” There are qualities that really resonate with me. Also, her attitude of aspiring to be a mother on her own really captivated me. ” Sukirti Khandpal to return to TV with a 9-month story show based on IVF treatment (see video).

Elaborating on the story of Story 9 Manthas, Ukirti revealed, “This is a beautifully depicted show. It has shades of laughter, fun and seriousness as it tells the story of two very different personalities in their respective lives Are at a different turn. And those who are pursuing different goals altogether. Their upbringing and thought processes are different. Simply stated, they are two of a pole! But an unexpected miracle of IVF (in vitro fertilization) Brings them together. Sukirti Kandpal Birthday: Interesting facts of this unique story of love

Ask her how Alia’s role is different from what she has played before, the actress replied, “Alia’s role stands out in a beautiful way from all the characters I’ve written in the past. First of all, she is one of the women. Is a symbol of virtue. In today’s time. I think most of the time while shooting, I actually end up thinking that this is exactly what I’ve done or said in this situation. Introduced the role beautifully. Gone, and the character journey is well-crafted. “

While we have seen quite a few shows on adoption and surrogacy, IVF is the first. Talking about the subject matter and her opinion on it, Sukirti revealed, “I think IVF is a great idea. Not only does it help people who may not have children naturally, Receive the beautiful gift of motherhood, but it also allows women. Stay in control of their own bodies and be able to have children with or without a standard family ideal. “

Ask him how it is returning to the set under the new normalcy, Pat’s answer comes, “The production team and the channel have been considered and cautious with all members of the crew. There are safety guidelines that must be followed on the set Go. And we were informed about this before the shooting started. Everyone’s temperature and oxygen levels are checked, and the crew always ensures their masks. At the same time, constant cleaning Doing and washing hands has become the norm of the day, and we all follow it methodically. More than following it, I think this practice has become ingrained in all of us. “

“I’ve always tried to play strong characters, because I think women are naturally strong. Aaliya has her own kind of amazing and determined. She truly represents the women of today, who are multi- Worker. She is a successful businessman at the age of 30 years old and is now beginning her journey to single motherhood and believes she can raise a child herself.

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