RJ Balaji: Remake rights to PK cost more than my film budget, so we wrote Mookutty Amman (see video – latest special)

RJ Balaji and Nayantara star in the film Satire, Mukuti Amman. Balaji has also co-directed it. The film has received praise from audiences and critics. If you liked the Tamil film, you should have Rajkumar Hirani thank you. In an interview with LatestLY, Balaji took us through his journey to make films. He said after failing to get remake rights P, Aamir Khan starrer satire film hit on religion, he decided to make Mukuti Amman. Mukkuti Amman Movie Review: Nayantara made Strike Devi, Urvashi an absolute scene-stellar in RJ Balaji’s social entertainer.

he said, “LKG I had a previous film, which was a political subject. I did my first film on politics because I thought that if I danced and sang with the heroine, no one would watch that film. Even I would not be interested in seeing it. Therefore, I wanted to play with my strength, whatever I could handle completely. “

Also, he said, “For my next one, I didn’t want to completely separate LKG, As it became a socially conscious film for a hit, family drama. Therefore, I wanted to do a family drama, which is socially relevant. Promoting LKG, I felt that my next film should be on God and Dharma. When we decide we will P Remake. Because of money, for various reasons, it did not work. Because remake rights far exceed our film budget. Therefore, we decided that we would write our film, ie Mukuti Amman. “ Mukuthi Amman Trailer: Lady RJstar Nayantara as this deity RJ Balaji’s Masi Entertainment Look Divine (see video).

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He’s not a bit bitter about it, as he feels Mukuti Amman It became a better opportunity for him. “Amman (Devi) films have not been released for the last 20 years. Earlier people used to watch and watch films of God as family films. For the last 15 years ghost films are family films. [chuckles], “He concluded.

How does he even talk Laxmii Is a remake of a Tamil film, Kanchana 2. He jokes that he wants the audience to watch God’s films again.

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