NYC ‘sex club’ busted after not following rules at mass gatherings

Officials said an illegal swingers club was violated by the New York City Sheriff’s Office on Sunday with more than 80 attendees violating health and alcohol laws.

Sheriff’s office said two allegations were made against Caligula’s organizers and a club patron. According to the Sheriff’s Office, the location did not have a liquor license or special permission to sell or store liquor.

According to NBC New York, the property owner also faces a $ 15,000 fine.

NBC New York reports that they arrived at the Queens Astoria, the “Queens Club” after midnight on Sunday night, where they allegedly saw 3 couples having sex in a small room, NBC New York reported.

NBC News could not immediately reach Caligula for comment.

Andrew Kyomo from Gov. on Wednesday expanded the city’s Kovid-19 micro-cluster plan to include Astoria, which held mass gatherings in 25 days, under the “Yellow Zone”.

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