Man in Trump-shaped flotation device accused of attacking protesters after breathing

Outside Trump National Golf Club, protesters were accused of misbehaving with President Donald Trump on Sunday in Loudon County, Virginia, for allegedly breathing.

“Please help,” Kathy Bennett Wrote a tweet on Saturday that went viral, Showing a video of a man – identified by the Laudan County Sheriff’s Office as Raymond Deskins – coming towards him without covering a face as he said “get away from me” and “you don’t have a mask.” is.” It is unclear what exactly happened before the video was recorded.

The 61-year-old Deskins breathed and exhaled, raising his breath towards the protesters. In the video he can be seen wearing an inflatable flotation device around his waist in the shape of Trump.

67-year-old Bennett wrote in his tweet, “He crossed the street to attack 2 seniors.” “N Want to Identify Case Contact Tracing. This name is Ray. Virginia Race. Cadillac Drive. Required for Trident Golf.” He refers to Deskins in later tweets as a “Kovid monster”.

Michelle Bowman, public information officer at Loudon County Sheriff, confirmed the incident in an email to NBC News.

“On November 21, 2020, two separate parties reported that they were attacked during oral arguments outside Trump National Golf Club, located at 20391 Lowes Island Boulevard,” Bowman said.

“As the incident was not witnessed by law enforcement and the video did not capture the entire conversation, an investigation was conducted on the scene and both sides were advised that they could go to Loudown County Magistrate and one Citizens can get warrants. “

Bowman said the protesters looked for a civilian-obtained warrant and Deskins was served at his home in Stirling, Virginia on Sunday with charges of simple assault, a misdemeanor, and released on a summons. Deskins did not immediately respond to NBC News’ request for comment.

Bennett of Lesburg, Virginia, said he has been protesting outside Trump’s golf course during his visits for nearly four years.

She said it was the first time she had captured Deskins in camera, describing her as a “bully” who challenged several anti-Trump protesters to physical fights during prior protests at the golf course.

Bennett said that when he and his opposing partner went to the Loudon County Magistrate to accuse him of assault, there was “a lot of laughter” from the judge’s chamber. She said she was eventually given a number to “go to the health department to complain that people are not wearing masks.”

“And we said, ‘No, you know very well, we asked him to attack us.’ “And finally, he had to do his job.”

Bennett said it is too dangerous to protest at the golf course: “I’m not going to go to those people again,” Bennett said. “They are very violent. I will now have a worse target than before.”

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