Behind the scenes, Trump disappointed with his legal team’s maneuvers

Washington – President Donald Trump has publicly praised the efforts of his legal team, but has expressed disappointment with the slap nature of his electoral defense battle in private, according to many familiar with the discussions.

The president has complained to colleagues and allies about the over-performance of his personal lawyer Rudy Giuliani and recently removed attorney Sidney Powell at a news conference at Republican National Committee headquarters last week, these people said. Both Giuliani and Powell continue to make conspiratorial and baseless claims about widespread voter fraud, for which they have provided no evidence.

The president believes his team is “full of fools that make them feel bad,” according to a source familiar with the thinking. Asked why he would not fire them, this person replied, in short, who knows?

The president was less impressed with Powell over the weekend, as he continued to make disparaging remarks, making false accusations against the Republican governor of Georgia and his secretary for being part of a plan to divert votes.

Ultimately Trump’s statement led to the Trump campaign dropping out on Sunday night on behalf of Juliani and senior legal adviser Jenna Ellis: “Sydney Powell is practicing law on her own.” He is not a member of the Trump legal team. He is also not an advocate for the president in his personal capacity.

According to one of the sources familiar with the president’s response, Trump was also not happy with the choice of the brown substance, dripping Giuliani’s face on Thursday during a nearly two-hour presser, projected to be hair dye or a makeup product. imposed on.

Outside aides also tease about how disorganized and haphazard the legal strategy has appeared, and they have made the White House aware, according to many people close to the president.

On Sunday, former New Jersey governor Chris Christie, a longtime aide to the president, called his legal maneuver a “national embarrassment”, and dismissed Powell’s baseless claims.

Giuliani received his leading role in the team “by default”, according to a colleague, as he is impeccable in his support of Trump and unwilling to say and do what other lawyers say. In addition, the president’s first choice – longtime ally David Bossy – was sidelined by the effort when he was infected with coronovirus earlier this month.

When Giuliani was announced to take the lead post, it did not go well with some of the president’s allies and allies as he “makes fun of” the effort to actually pursue an effort to consider legitimate issues around the vote. is”.

Others have called anyone around the president, who according to a senior administrative official, is putting forward baseless claims. Many in the president’s class are looking into Michigan and Pennsylvania on Monday to validate their election results, as for President-Elect Joe Biden, who won both by a significant margin.

Nevertheless, it is far from the consensus that the President should give up the fight altogether. Although he is looking for ways to do this from behind the curtain, Trump is not doing it publicly. He had not listed anything in his schedule on Monday for the 12th time since the election.

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