Amit Sadh shares attempted suicide not once but four times

Amit Sadh is one of the popular actors who has done some amazing projects in television and film industry. He has also done some web series. Some of his major TV works include Why are dear, Kohinoor, among others. He has also performed supporting roles in films, however, in his role Kai Po Che! Shot her to fame in the world of cinema. Sultan, Government 3, Super 30 She was seen in supporting roles in some of the other films. And now it is surprising to hear that a brilliant actor like Amit Sadh attempted suicide not once but four times. Asif Basra dies by committing suicide in Dharamshala; Kai Po Che was reportedly suffering from actor depression.

Amit Sadh in an interview Mens xp, Shares how he attempted suicide in his teens and how long it took him to get out of that stage. The actor was between 16 and 18 when he was trying to commit suicide. He said, “I just woke up one day and tried and tried again and again. Then by the grace of God, for the fourth time, the last time I did, I knew it was not the way and it was not the end. And Things changed. My mindset changed. And since then, it has evolved and the philosophy of ‘never give up’ came into me. ” Thenarasu, Tamil actor, commits suicide due to family dispute.

The actor who was last seen on the web show Breath: in shadow, Also states that it took him 20 years to get out of that stage. “I feel blessed and lucky that I am on the other side of the white light,” says Amit Sadh.

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