28 migrant children and their parents face deportation after refusing to separate

WASHINGTON – Sixty-eight migrant children and their parents in the US now face deportation after refusing to separate parents and children and then claim asylum in the US, according to lawyers representing the families Lost appeal in federal court for right to do.

During the summer, Immigration and Customs Enforcement (ICE) gave parents the option of placing their children with them in detention centers, where there was an increased risk of contracting Kovid-19 or detaining their children without detention Was freeing. All decided to remain under house arrest with their children, even for many of them, the detention time was extended in the last 400 days.

In July, a federal judge ruled that the children should be released from the centers, potentially triggering segregation, but that order was later deemed “unrecoverable”.

According to court documents, the “stay of deportation” that allowed him to remain in the US on Sunday, and the family are requesting the courts, Congress and ICE not to deport him until his asylum claims are heard .

Because they crossed the US border during President Donald Trump’s policy, which prohibits immigrants from claiming asylum in the US if they pass through another country where they could have sought asylum, they will appear before the immigration judge Were not able to claim. The policy has since been overturned by the Ninth Circuit Court of Appeals, but when it was in place, immigrants entering the US were not helped to decide.

Democratic censor. Bob Casey and Corey Booker wrote letters to Chad Wolf, acting secretary of Homeland Security, on Friday, urging them to deport the families.

“There are more effective and humane approaches, with more pressing issues facing ICE and the need to spend our limited federal resources wisely,” the senators said. “We urge you to release these families to their sponsors and allow them a fair trial of their case.”

His letter contained stories of some children facing detention.

One child, 11-year-old Juan David, said, “I have been detained with my mother. We will complete 15 months of custody on the 27th of this month. They asked me why I was afraid to return to my country.” ‘I am afraid that the gangsters will hurt me, that they will kill me and my mother. So I ask God to soften the hearts of the asylum officers and I can live with my aunt and uncle in New York .. . I want a normal life, make friends, go to a normal school, live with my family, live a normal life. Here, I always have headaches and anxiety. “

An ICE spokesman did not immediately respond to a request for comment.

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