Protests begin in Omaha after police shoot black man while stopping traffic

Protests erupted on Friday and Saturday in Omaha, Nebraska, when city police shot a black man.

Omaha police responded to a traffic stop and killed 35-year-old Kenneth Jones on Thursday night.

Police said in statements on Friday and Saturday that a car with four people was stopped in the middle of the road without any dangerous lights. The two officers involved in the stop, Dan Faulkner and Richard Martier, instructed all people in the vehicle to put their hands up, citing interviews with officers and body camera footage not reviewed by NBC News, police said. Officers took command as soon as they got into the vehicle.

Faulkner and Martier could not immediately be reached for comment on Sunday.

Omaha police said in a Friday statement that the other three passengers complied with the order, but Jones did not and officers then used a flashlight to break the car window and which Jones was not driving Opened the door. Police said the footage showed both officers “struggling” to get Jones out of the car. During the struggle, police claim he saw a gun on Jones and fired four shots at him. Police did not reveal which officer fired the fatal shots, and said they would give more details at Monday’s press conference. Police said officers involved in the incident found the gun “straight down” after shooting Jones.

Police said after shooting Jones, officers “shouted at him to show his hands”, even though he had fallen to the ground from the shots. Jones was brought to the University of Nebraska Medical Center, where he died.

Omaha protests in Neb. Police shooting of Kenneth Jones on November 19, 2020.WOWT

Proglac, a progressive Omaha-based group that advocates racial justice, condemned Jones’ murder In a statement posted on Twitter on Friday, “There is no possible reason for him to have been asked to exit the vehicle.”

People gathered outside the Omaha Police Headquarters on Friday and Saturday nights to protest Jones’s murder.

An organizer of Probelac, Peyton Zilla, told the Obama World-Herald that “until (the police) prove that they didn’t kill a black man, we’re not shutting down – not one bit.”

Police declared both protests to be “illegal assemblies”. On Friday, he arrested a defender for “an officer’s attack” after allegedly flashing a “laser light” on an officer’s face, and said he made similar arrests for the “assault” on Saturday.

The protesters told the Omaha World-Herald that they had to go to the hospital and were killed by police.

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