World Television Day: Byomkesh Bakshi, Captain Vyom, Jungle Book, Chandrakanta – 90s Doordarshan Show in the 90s showed a very brilliant childhood.

Today is World Television Day and since Indian television is a joke today, we thought we would talk about the good old days of Doordarshan when television was the best thing for us. Given the fact that this was the only channel to be aired, we have been fortunate to see a plethora of shows that were simply spectacular. If there was Discovery of India Recounting many tales of India, there was also Forest book Making every child a Mowgli. Shaktimaan will always be our first and favorite Indian superhero. The best bit was that the channel had something for everyone. If Sunday morning is for children, shows like Peace And Self respect Adults completed. This is why the 90s were the best time for Indian television, which will never return as viewers today prefer to watch mediocre. Facts of World Television Day 2020: Interesting things about TV and it’s journey over the years

So let’s take down memory lane and tell you why Doordarshan was once a dream!


We still remember the title track of the film even today. It was essentially a love story between two people living between warring states and a lot of supernatural elements. Irrfan Khan also played an important role in the show which unfortunately led to the end. It was our introduction to all things mysterious and fantasy. Yakku!

Byomkesh Bakshi

Do we also have to explain why this show was legendary? Many of you may have seen it recently due to the lockdown on Doordarshan. For us, PI meant Byomkesh Bakshi for the greater part of the 90s and 2000s. It was accurate, imaginative and a very intelligent show.

Malgudi Days

We all 90s kids are still in love with the TV adaptation of RK Laxman’s short story collection Malgudi Days. It was fun, informative and taught lots of life lessons that we could understand as children as well.

Captain Wyom

If we had Star Wars in Hollywood, we would have had Captain Wyome! A series based on outer space, it was one such idea at the time. It only helped Milind Soman a lot as the captain on that show!

Flop show

Jaspal Bhatti is doing what he does best – leave us in the division. Riot was their way of delivering gaggers. Every episode had a new theme and most of them were different from the current political scenario. Best comedy series ever produced in India.

See brother see

When there is comedy, we have to talk about this family, which was just hilarious. The dynamics between members of this joint family led to many fun moments. World Television Day Special: Ridiculous scenes from Indian soaps that make you want to switch to TV!


Renuka Shahane and Siddharth Kak were our GK teachers. The graphic representation is still fresh in our minds at the beginning of the show. We have learned more about India of those days than any textbooks from this show.


Simple laws of physics along with regular daytime content made the show a great addition to the list.


Not many are aware of this investigative thriller with Shekhar Suman, but we assure that it is one of the most amazing shows on television. Forever broke Suman broke the news and turned the tables.

Shree yogi

Who has seen this show? Many of us are not sure. A foreign return man is on a bride’s hunt that leads to comic moments. It is such a fresh way of presenting the hunt with the voice of Om Puri that the protagonist played by Mohan Gokhale got sarcastic.

Apparently mythological shows are like Ramayana And Mahabharata and also Baniad, we people And Street corner, But if we all sit down to talk about it, one day there will be little to celebrate the biggest impact of our childhood – Doordarshan.

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