Wave Blue Shark seen in Cape Cod

A misdemeanor shark recently killed swimmers at Cape Code Marsh by stunning scientists and witnesses who captured video of a directly challenged animal.

Robin Rowe enjoys hunting for wildlife from his home near Bee River Marsh in Isan, Massachusetts, and was excited on November 6 that an otter was visible in the water.

“So I thought maybe it was a river water,” Rowe told NBC News on Friday.

“Because I thought it might be, because I just saw this round black head that wasn’t a duck. And so I looked at it for a minute, and then it floated around and I was like, okay. Is, okay, okay. It’s not a river otter. It’s got the fin. “

The blue shark probably headed south for the winter from the Gulf of Maine, when it swam inside the curved mass of Cape Cod, first in Encounter Beach and then in Bee’s River Marsh.

“It’s a big migration for many species” said Greg Skomal, senior fisheries scientist with the state division of marine fisheries. “The hook of Cape Cod sometimes penetrates the animals (towards the south).”

Rowe said that he was immediately worried about the creature.

“I knew this was not where it was supposed to be,” she said. “I know enough about sharks that they don’t swim in the swamp.”

But while watching Rove’s video, Skomal said, the shark appeared to be in good condition and is confident that the hunter found a way out of Cape Cod. There were no reports of any dead sharks washing the shelter.

“Yes, it was well inside (hook of Cape Cod), but they know how to get out if they are healthy and I think this shark was healthy,” Skomal said.

The shark wondered how the motor turned north and then turned right around Provinetstown and eventually turned south, Skomal said, adding that the healthy hunter could be in sea water away from the Carolinas by Friday.

Blue shark can grow up to 12 feet long and weigh up to 400 pounds.

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