Bigg Boss 14 Weekend War November 21 Episode: Salman Khan School Abhinav Shukla, Ekta Kapoor Announces Immunity Task – 5 Key Highlights of BB 14

Bigg Boss 14 Running in full swing and contestants are busy ganging up against each other. With Kavita Kaushik as the new captain of the house, the housewives are certainly divided by the verdict. While Jasmine, Rubina, Ellie are against him, Rahul and Nikki Tamboli find him a new confidant. With elimination barely a few hours away, we are excited and nervous to see who gets out of the house this week. For more highlights and updates from tonight’s episode, keep scrolling. Bigg Boss 14: Naina Singh dropped out of BB14 Makers, saying she was ‘pre-planned’ and ‘unfired’.

Nikki, Ijaz, Jaan and Pavitra on Target

Bigg Boss gives the task of nominating the contestants who think of changing the side as per their convenience. While Nikki Tamboli, Ejaz Khan, Jan Kumar Sani and Pavithra Punia get the most votes, Salman intervenes and announces the audience’s decision. According to the audience, it is Jan Kumar Sanu, El Goni, Ejaz Khan and Pavitra Punia!

This is a / v / poem

Ellie and Kavita call each other fake during a big argument. Ijaz supports Ellie. Kavita called Eli the ‘street goon’. Bigg Boss 14 Weekend War November 21 Synopsis: Ekta Kapoor holds a revenge battle and prevents contestants from going out.

Salman school abhinav

Salman asks Abhinav to play the game for her and not for Rubina. He explains to her that in the process of helping his wife, she is in fact, making him look weak.

Ejaz and Nikki give Jaan a prize

After going to school Salman was the only one inside the house who used to change his side as per his convenience, Ejaz and Nikki add him and ask that they are telling him the same thing but he never took care of her. .

Ekta Kapoor presents new twist

Ekta initially asks the contestants the names of the housewives they want to avenge. She also asks them to reveal their true selves to win a gem that will help them regain immunity. They can use this immunity at any point in the show. Where Kavita takes the name of Eli and Jasmine, she also returns the favor.

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