The life of the BTS song moves forward: This single from BES, Exits Hope in Time of Despair, urges us to move on (see video)

South Korean boyband BTS, including RM, Jin, Suga, J-Hope, Jimin, Wei, and Jungkook, is back with a bang. Ok, it seems like the BTS members are not in the mood to calm down because they left the lead single Life goes on From their new album BE On 20 November. Right from the beginning, the track hits you hard with reality and takes us on an emotional ride, exposing the current uncertain times. The song first shows Vee driving with a car as well as a mask to see a vibrant city. Later, he also goes into this flashback mode and all the members of BTS remember the time to enjoy some good times together. BTS revealed the title of their lead song from the upcoming album ‘BE’.

Well, we don’t need to tell too much here, because the title of the raga says it all. Life goes on Touches the most important topic among the present times and gives the message that moving forward and making change is the key to success. Talking about music, it is intimate but at the same time gives you a lot of hip hop vibes. All in all, the latest BTS song is in sync with what the world is going on right now. Virtual acceptance speech for BTS ‘People’s Choice Awards 2020, congratulations to viral band on social media, watch the video (watch video)

Watch bts song Life goes on bottom:

Another thing not to be missed is that the song is none other than BTS members Jung Kooke. In short, everything from music, concept, composition, design to even fashion quotient blend very well. No one like BTS. stay tuned!

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