Swan Song: After Akwavafina, Glenn Close attended Maharsala Ali and Naomi Harris in Apple Enema

Hollywood veteran Glenn Close has rode the cast of the Apple original film “Swan Song”, starring Oscar winners Maharshala Ali, Akkwafina and Naomi Harris. According to Deadline, the film is directed and written by Benjamin Cleary, and produced by Apple Studios, Anonymous Content and Concordia Studios. Ali is also building through his company No Wonder. Swan Song: Featuring Mahkasha Ali and Naomi Harris Starr on Apple TV +

The film is described in the near future as a genre-bending drama that explores how far a person will go, and how much sacrifice they will make to make a happy life for those people. Close will further play the scientist in a facility. Swan Song: Oscar-winning actor Maharshala Ali to headline Apple’s feature film

Adam Shulman and Jacob Perlin will produce the film on behalf of Anonymous Content. Jonathan King will produce on behalf of Concordia Studios.

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