Progressive pressures Biden to close big business

WASHINGTON – Progressives are increasing their public pressure on President-elect Joe Biden to appoint progressives for key jobs in his incoming administration and to exclude corporate officers, lobbyists and advisers.

A coalition of online Liberal groups is launching a campaign on Friday to call, email and tweet directly to Biden Transition officials and senators, demanding “to keep corporate governance out of their administration”. A related effort, to be launched on Friday, asks supporters to sign a petition urging Biden to make progress in his cabinet, even if it means holiday appointments to address GOP protests To use.

This is a general strategy, but a moderate grassroots group has generally used less against Democrats, especially one who has just won the presidency.

David Sehgal, co-founder of the progressive group Demand Progress, said, “Millions of people will receive emails about these two efforts. They will be urged to take action. We hope to have thousands of them.” “And members of the Senate’s office and the transition team can expect grassroots opposition to corporateist picks.”

Demand Progress, along with other groups, named and named the new website “some of the most concerned corporate insiders who are trying to get into the Biden administration,” including former Obama administration officials and Biden aides who Worked as a lobbyist. They see the policies of the past or espionage as the modern Democratic Party.

The petition’s effort, meanwhile, is led by Daily Kos, a blog that helps raise millions for Democratic candidates in the Trump era, as well as the think tank Data for Progress, the Progressive Change Campaign Committee, and about a dozen other groups Includes

“We have spent the last four years repeatedly stating that the Trump administration repeatedly addresses the interests of big businesses and corporate lobbyists for the betterment of everyday people, especially during the COVID-19 epidemic,” said Daily Kosal director Caroline. Fiddler. “That is why it is necessary that the Biden administration appoint a cabinet that puts the interests of the American people on the corporate agenda.”

In 2008, the progressive movement collapsed substantially after Barack Obama helped get elected. In the interest of the unity of the party, he mostly kept his concerns calm as he passed his cabinet suggestions and hired some others whom he found unacceptable, a move to the left he later regretted.

And they consider the choice of executive branch personnel as important to their policy agenda.

“, Even if Democrats narrowly withdraw the Senate, executive-branch powers will be one of Biden’s most powerful ways to improve the lives of Americans,” said Jeff Hauser, founder of the Revolving Door Project. “He cannot avoid corporate America if he hopes to do so.”

In a press conference outside the Democratic National Committee on Thursday, progressive lawmakers said there would be allies inside activists in facing the new president.

“We have worked with the Biden administration to secure a $ 2 trillion climate plan,” Rep. Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez, DN. Y., a group with the Sunrise Movement told youth climate activists, “But we are not going to stop there.” . “

“We are going to organize and demand that this administration – which I believe is decent and kind and honorable – keep its promise,” she continued. “Keeps its promise to young people. Black keeps its promise of movement for life. Keeps its promise to working people across the United States.”

Standing by a sign that read “Biden: Be Brave, Reid”, lawmakers fielded four members of “The Squad”, including “Reinforcements”, including Reps. — Elections Corey Bush, D-Mo., Jamal Bowman, DNY , And Mondair Jones, D.N.Y. The three upcoming MLAs are young and black.

The group included 74-year-old Massachusetts Sen. Ed of D-Mass. Also included was Mark, who has become an unexpected favorite of the remnant youth after defeating a member of this year’s Candida family in a primary challenge with a primarily progressive message.

“Young people arose and young people voted in unprecedentedly high numbers and their number one issue was the climate crisis,” Markey said. “We’re just here to say that we want and we ask Joe Biden to be brave, to grow up, to be bold.”

They are calling for Biden to coordinate the government’s response to climate change and the transition to a greener economy to a National Security Advisor to create a new high-status position in the White House.

Other groups, such as the Progressive Change Institute, have put together a list of hundreds of suggested candidates for various government positions, an official of the Elizabeth Warren-linked Progressive Change Campaign Committee.

Biden’s transition team continues to interact with progressive activists and experts and has turned many into advisory roles, even as the movement has increased public pressure, as an attempt to push the left I sometimes work to create peculiar balance. While not separating herself from her class.

“It’s not a form of protest,” said Ray-Khanna, D-California, former co-chairman of Bernie Sanders’ presidential campaign on the sidewalk outside the DNC. “It is building public support.”

Some people in Biden’s transition team are getting frustrated at what they see as antics, note that progressives have a seat at the table and no faction will get them all the time. He understood the workers and warned them to thwart their efforts.

The Left has praised some of the appointments Biden has announced so far, such as Ron Clann, the White House Chief of Staff, but he has asked Rep. Cedric Richmond, D-La., To head the White House Office of Public Engagement. Chose. , Arguing that he is too soft on energy companies, which have a large presence in the district.

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