Malvi Malhotra told about her stuttering accident, she wants her energy to be focused on work and does not disturb herself mentally by thinking about herself.

Actress Malvi Malhotra underwent a major test when one of her acquaintances followed her and took her advice. He was rushed to a hospital and undergoing some intensive treatment while his family flew to live with him. Her attacker is arrested, but the incident leaves a blemish on her, which she is determined to bring to work and focus her energy. Malvi Malhotra, actress, is stabbed by producer Yogesh Kumar: Report.

“I have been shooting non-stop ever since the shooting lockdown resumed. I did a shooting for a music video in Banaras in July and another in September. I was to start shooting for a Telugu film in January. I hope they don’t. Replace me. I think I’ll be fine once I start working. I’m trying to stay positive, because it will aid my recovery. Physical health is not in my control. Maybe, but I can take care of my mental health. I want to hurt myself mentally by thinking about this incident, “Malvi said heartily with Bombay Times. Malvi Malhotra revealed her stabbing, her attacker Yogesh Kumar wanted to injure her face.

Further, the woman has a single “Tu Milla” for release, which will see her opposite actor Mrinal Jain. He said, “I have very beautiful memories from shooting this song. We had an amazing time. The song is set in a village and has Indian classical music. I shot some songs after lockdown.”

She continued, “” Tu Milla “is the first song to be released and I’m happy. The excitement is unmatched, especially because of the release time, which is a month after that horrific event. I’ve got a new lease on life. Of. God has blessed me and saved my life. I am now focused on becoming a better version of myself. This tragedy has shaken me beyond words. I cannot undo this event. However , I want to have a positive outlook. Life and I are only thinking about the future and my work. I am praying and taking care not to let this incident bother me any more. “

The actress also revealed about her father’s insistence and self-realization that she needs to protect herself. “I have to be brave. My father has asked me to learn self-defense, so that I am better prepared to face any unpleasant event and take care of myself. I want to be physically strong so that I can fight.” It is unfortunate. I took pity on the person who did this to me. It reflects his criminal mind, “she concluded.

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