Trump’s team ready for election battle ending in December

WASHINGTON – President Donald Trump’s aides are preparing for the end of their legal battle over the election results in December, even as they push him to accept a conclusion to his presidency and make a White-House plan Continue to give.

“Legal challenges continue, but those close to the president and the president clearly understand,” said a senior administration official, “they are meaningless.”

While Trump has been badly seen since the presidential-election that was elected as the winner more than a week ago, he regularly cited tweets – without proof – that he won the election and It was stolen due to theft fraud. .

As a result, the transition of power appears to be in suspended animation. Trump and most of his staff continue to speak publicly as if he will remain in the White House for a second term. The Biden team is trying to initiate a transition, but without official approval will allow it to control access to critical information and resources.

And while Trump’s inappropriate use of Twitter to litigate public opinion polls is a minimal response from within his party, it has left some questioning his endgame: whether he is inaugurated or until January 20 Can fight

Trump’s advisers are talking to him about what the end looks like – using the word “conclusion” instead of “conclusion”. A senior official said that as a “conclusion” it is being recommended that he accept that Biden will enter the White House on January 20. The results are doubtful as well as he announced that he is running for the presidency in 2024. .

On December 14, his aide points to Trump being forced. The Electoral College formally votes on the day, soon after which the states certify their results. Even though Trump is willing to accept the results until then, it is expected inside the administration that he will give some formal intelligence details for Biden, a senior administration official said.

Personally, some Republican senators have acknowledged that Biden will be the next president. A Republican strategist said Electoral College was expected to remain calm until the vote.

Until then, his campaign engages in litigation. Trump’s campaign on Wednesday announced paying $ 3 million for a partial withdrawal in Wisconsin.

While many of Trump’s allies accept that there will be an extraordinary turn of events to reverse the outcome, they do not see Trump or his campaign until every last legal effort has taken place and the results have been substantiated.

Within the White House, Chief of Staff Mark Meadows is said to be trying to convince Trump that he will leave on January 20, but Trump’s lawyer Rudy Giuliani continues to pressure Trump to continue the legal battle , According to one person close to the White House.

“We have been telling us all about fraud and abuse from more than 11,000 reliable tips from all hotlines and websites,” said Trump campaign adviser Jason Miller.

Trump has continued to promote baseless conspiracy theories about electoral fraud, while trying to reduce the credibility of the election. There is no evidence of widespread fraud, and NBC News speculates Biden to be the winner.

People close to Trump are also talking about a possible run in 2024 and trying to move their attention to their pre-presidential plans, speaking of starting their own media ventures. It is expected that Trump will quietly accept the results by the end of the week and allow the formal transition process to begin. But it is not expected to come until after the public announcement.

Trump is also talking about a possible media partnership, perhaps with conservative news channels OANN or Newsmax, a person close to him said.

A colleague said, “He wants to earn money, but more than that he wants attention.”

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