Suspected surname ‘Psycho’ wanted after 3 sets of human remains discovered in Colorado

One person has been identified as a well-known suspect in the “Psycho” area in connection with the remains of three people in Colorado, officials said.

According to NBC affiliate KOAA News5, three sets of human remains found in Comojos County, as suspected 26-year-old Andre Jordan Barog, police in Almosa on Wednesday said Colorado law enforcement agencies had “clearly identified” Andre Jordan Baroz , Is 26.

“Our main goal is to get them on the road,” said Almosa’s Police Chief Ken Anderson. “He is a threat to the public right now.”

The Monte Vista Police Department said that these remains were located on two separate properties near the Las Sauce, a rural town in the San Luis Valley.

News 5 reported that at a news conference on Wednesday, Monte Vista Police Chief George Dingfeller said the Conjos County Sheriff’s Office was issuing a warrant related to stolen equipment and vehicles when they recovered human remains.

Police said that no one owned the property at the places where the remains were found. It was not immediately clear how long the remains were.

Dingfelder said a forensic anthropologist confirmed that at least three people were involved in the remains, but his identity, gender and age were still under investigation. Dingfelder said it would take him several weeks to confirm the situation.

On November 10, three days after the initial search, Konjos County Sheriff Garth Crowther said a task force had been formed to investigate, including the Alamosa Police Department, Colorado Bureau of Investigation, Colorado State Patrol, Konjos County, Monte Vista Police departments are involved. And the Sawatch County Sheriff Office.

According to News 5, during Wednesday’s conference, Conjos County Sheriff Garth Crowther said his office was single- “can’t investigate what we were going through”.

Officials said the remains were related to the case of Susan Morphe, a 49-year-old mother from Colorado who went missing after riding a bike on Mother’s Day.

Dingfelder said the remains were not found to be associated with any missing person cases, adding that any speculation would be “irresponsible”.

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