Roadies Revolution 17: Contestants get head-on for ‘Basket Controversy’ this week


Post a massive vote-out process, Roadies Revolution 17 is heading towards a nail-biting do-or-die battle. With Tarandeep and Prakhar out, Team Arushi will have to pave their way through actions and vote-outs to stand strong against team talent and it will be an interesting battle. Like every week, Rannvijay Sinha brings another twist to the story and asks the two leaders to form an alliance. While Neha Dhupia and Varun Sood will be seen casting themselves in front of Nikhil Chinappa, who will they ultimately choose? Will he stand by his words, loyalty is royalty? Roadies Revolution 17: The Roadies Premier League earned a spot, with Neha Dhupia throwing her bat in despair.

Keeping in mind the exciting game from week to week, the charming Rannvijay introduces this week’s task, the basket feud where Team Varun and Team Nikhil will compete against Team Neha and Team Prince Narula. The winning team will get complete immunity and the leaders will get one star each. Roadies Revolution 17: Varun Sood, without thinking, put his winning star in the team’s Captain Only Two Shocked match.

Each team will consist of seven roadies, three of which are going to be girls. Unfortunately, a roadie will not get a chance to perform and will go directly to the danger zone. To surprise everyone, Team Neha will appear in his team choosing Arushi’s friend Hamid. Will this lead to another confrontation? Will this time be more immune than friendship?

As the task ends, we will witness an ugly war between Pratibha and Aarushi, leading to a major argument between Neha, Varun and Nikhil and eventually Rannvijay will have to jump into the ring and compromise. With manipulations, confrontations and ego clashes, the dynamics of relationships and games are changing, the competition seems remote.

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