Lala Singh Chadha: Shah Rukh Khan and Salman Khan are to be brought back in Aamir Khan’s film.

Lal Singh Chadha Starring Aamir Khan, Kareena Kapoor Khan is one of the most talked about movies. The film is currently in its production stage and many new additions are being made to the cast in what we hear. It is already being speculated that Shah Rukh Khan will be a part of the film in a cameo role but new reports suggest that Salman Khan will also join the team. Lala Singh Chadha: Aamir Khan will start shooting in Mumbai with additional security measures for pregnant Kareena Kapoor Khan.

While this is already an exciting news. The Mumbai Mirror report states that these two legendary actors will reunite for a highly coveted role Lal Singh Chadha. While Shahrukh Khan is said to be back as Raj Malhotra The brave hearted will take away the bride, Salman will bring Prem back on the big screen. It is said that the makers initially planned to bring both mines as their iconic characters. Karan Arjun, But was eventually rejected.

According to reports, Shah Rukh Khan has already shot for his role while Salman is yet to do anything for it. A source close to Vikas told, “His character Prem wooed the audience in the 90s.” I love who we are! Service We are together. Aamir is eager to get Salman back in his social drama. “He added that the film will feature a track that is set in 1989. The song will reflect a change in audience tastes, ranging from action to romance and craze. Around Salman. Details of the same will be finalized soon. Hope to give. “

For Shahrukh, as the film takes Aamir’s character over five decades, he will meet SRK DDLJ During this journey of self-discovery. SRK will share his personal experiences with Aamir’s character and the makers promise that the conversation between the two will bring a lot of laughter. Vijay Sethupathi made her Bollywood debut with Aamir Khan’s Lala Singh Chadha.

The team will use prosthetics and VFX to make Salman and Shah Rukh Khan look like a younger version of themselves. Dick Cavett’s cameo role in the 1994 original film is being replaced by Shahrukh Khan’s Raj in the Hindi adaptation.

Lal Singh Chadha Will hit the screens in December 2021.

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