When it comes to Latino, there is a wall in American culture ‘

Actor, comedian and playwright John Leguizamo expressed his frustration at covering the lack of Latin representation in the entertainment industry and the failure of the education system, which Latino has done throughout American history.

The Tony-Award winning actor spoke in a documentary interview, which was part of More’s True Colors, which tells the stories of Latino trailblazers and thought leaders. Peacock is a new streaming service of NBC Universal, the parent company of NBCNews.com.

Sitting in an office, the desk piled up with papers and Latin American history books to fill in the bookshelf with him, Leguizamo shared how he had difficulty understanding that his Latino-based films were not being greenlighted by the network Were.

Actor John Leguizamo on “True Colors”.Telemundo / Peacock

“They didn’t want to do Latin stories. I didn’t know. I thought it was a good playground. I didn’t know it was piled up against me,” he said. “Racism is much more deeply rooted in the corporate world. Is woven into. “

In research for the “Latin History for the Peacocks”, a one-man Broadway crash course on the history of Latinos in America, Leguizamo said he was amazed at the lack of knowledge of what Latino has contributed to the United States.

“It was a betrayal of my education. I felt so betrayed that I had to feel so little for so long and unnecessarily, ”he said. “The wall is not on the border. The wall is in American culture. “

He enlisted eminent activists such as Jovita Idar (1885–1946), who pushed for women’s suffrage and the civil rights of Mexican Americans. Legnizamo said that Latino has fought in every war that has ever taken place in the country.

Leguizamo brings up the story of Marcelino Cern, who fought in the US Army as a private in World War I. A Mexican immigrant and non-citizen, Serna has been called the most decorated WWI soldier from Texas, but has not been awarded the medal, a decision Latino advocates, legislators and historians argue is due to racism.

Scholars have reported that we would not know many Hispanic soldiers who served in the war, such as World War, given the “white” status given to soldiers of Mexican descent.

Lots of Latino ‘talented kids’

Lin-Manuel Miranda wrote Vanity Fair Peace in 2017 about how Leguizamo was an inspiration to him. To this, the playwright replies that Miranda is the inspiration for him. After the huge success of “Hamilton” on Broadway, along with the Latino and Black cast, Leguizamo was able to see that there was an interest in the stories he created.

Leguizamo’s film “Critical Thinking”, which premiered on September 4, is based on the true story of five high school students in 1998 who shocked the nation by becoming the first inner city team to win the US National Chess Championship.

For him, the film shows that “there is a lot of love for these super talented, talented talented children in our communities who are not getting the love they deserve.”

Leguizamo said the solution is providing more funding for schools, making it harder to build without quality education. The epidemic has given the country time to reflect, they say, and the Black Lives Matter movement has shown how we still exclude people and misbehave.

In the entertainment industry, when it comes to the pipeline of talent, Leguizamo said that “I have millions and I have millions. … It’s not just us who have access.”

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