FAA Approves Boeing 737 MAX to Fly Again

The Federal Aviation Administration said that the Boeing 737 MAX would be re-integrated on Wednesday, the endpoint of a two-year road after two fatal foreign accidents landed the craft.

After Lion Air crash in Indonesia in October 2018, Max was grounded worldwide in March 2019, while Ethiopia Airlines crash killed 189 people five months later, soon after takeoff, all 157 people Had died

In September, an investigative report from the US House blamed the aircraft manufacturer and the Federal Aviation Administration for “repeated and serious failures”.

The fatal accidents in Indonesia in October 2018 and in Ethiopia in March 2019 were “the horrific culmination of a series of flawed technical assumptions by Boeing’s engineers, lack of transparency on behalf of Boeing’s management, and highly inadequate oversight by the FAA,” Transport and Basic The report released Wednesday by the Democratic-controlled House committee on the structure states.

Boeing said in a statement after the release of the report that it was “dedicated to doing the necessary work”.

The faulty wind speed indicator gave poor data to the aircraft’s computers, generating a software system called the “MCAS” or “maneuver featuring system”, intended to keep the pilot down in the nose to inadvertently pull and cause a stall. Had to push for. Both planes in a fatal nose dive.

The crash “was the catastrophic culmination of a series of flawed technical assumptions by Boeing’s engineers, a lack of transparency on behalf of Boeing’s management, and widespread inadequate oversight by the FAA – a partial result of regulatory capture with the FAA. Boeing’s strong oversight And in relation to its responsibilities to ensure the safety of the flying public, ”the Congress report said.

Boeing made several design flaws in the craft, ran to compete with one from Airbus, and the FAA did not properly oversee the design and manufacturing as reported. Investigators found the pilot’s fault also contributed to both accidents.

“FAA Administrator Steve Dixon signed an order today, paving the way for the Boeing 737 Max to return to commercial service,” the FAA said in a statement on Wednesday. Pilot training program modification and maintenance that must take place on grounded aircraft.

Now the hard part is assuring passengers that Max is ready for takeoff.

“Many families may be hesitant to fly to the maximum to fly,” said Eric Oland, who runs American Airlines’ maintenance base in Tulsa, Oklahoma. “My family will fly on airplanes until the general public does so … I will have no problem getting this airplane when we restore it to service.”

Mishal Stumo, who lost his daughter Samya in an Ethiopian accident, said he does not believe Max is safe.

“Syma must be planning to come with us at Thanksgiving,” he said, adding that “anyone who is booking a plane will actually have to escape the Boeing 737 Max-8 and try to find another flight.”

Passengers could fly themselves in 737 MAX by the end of the year. American Airlines is planning a single Max passenger flight between Miami and New York from 29 January. United Airlines and Southwest say they are hoping to start flying to Max early next year.

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