Digangana Suryavanshi talked about working with Gopichand and acted from a young age [LatestLY Exclusive]

Digangana Suryavanshi is one of the few actors who has resumed work amid the epidemic. She is back on set and has already shot for an advertising film, which she says was a strange experience. He is very excited about his upcoming film, Seetimaarr, With Telugu superstar Gopichand. Of course, he is excited to be back to work. The actress has been on the set ever since she was a child, working in a wide variety of projects. He has cultivated a very strong fan base. You can weigh her stardom with the fact that a toy company recently launched a doll based on her on her birthday. In an interview with LatestLY, She talks about her journey as an artist over the years. Here are the excerpts.

Have you stepped back on set? What has been your experience?

I have shot for a song. I have shot for an advertising film in Hyderabad. I am waiting for my film to be sure.

Getting back on set was a strange experience. One moment that scared me, when we were actually doing the show, the actors were only on set with no masks.

Initially, it was disappointing, but the show must go on. It seems to me that the entire economy has suffered a lot. There is an issue in every family, the degree can be more or less. I am trying to keep myself positive and focus on work. Also, I keep in mind that I do not play with my health while I am excited about going back to work.

You have been acting since you were a child. Do you feel that you have missed an experience, or if it has made your life more prosperous?

Honestly, I don’t think I’m in a place to be able to compare my life with anyone else. This has been a regular lifestyle for me. This is my normal. I did not get the opportunity to testify on the other side. But, I think I have always been treated as a normal child with normal restrictions. Despite me being an actor, my family treats me the way I am treated as a person.

If I do something wrong, I am called, as will anyone else. But, I feel that I am in a place where I have achieved a lot. Of course, there is more judgment from an early age that is not seen by everyone. I meet a large number of people, who are judging me.

I have been very lucky that I have my family who have given me the advice I need to bother me.

Many actors like Hina Khan and Ashnoor Kaur have spoken of not being treated appropriately by the film industry as they are associated with TV. Can you break the root to convince people that this tag does not matter?

Very honestly, I am a less complaining person. We all have our ups and downs. We have our own criticism. It is for us that we learn from them and learn to ignore them. But in my case, my degree of being grateful, and being happy about the fact that the opportunities I have received are more than just my struggling bit. Or maybe I see it. I cannot claim that I do not have conflict, but perhaps I look at it another way.

I made a conscious decision Big Boss When I was not even an adult. I was 17 when I came home because I wanted people to know me beyond the character I am playing. Bigg Boss 9 contestant Digangana Suryavanshi said that it is difficult to watch Salman Khan’s reality show when you live in that house.

I was given a lot of shows on TV, really wooing money and it was the best decision ever. But, I made a conscious decision to finish it and gave two hit films, which took place a year and a half later.

The choices I still make may not be the best choices. But fortunately, I have not come to a place where I have been refused to give anything because I am considered a TV actor. I am proud that I have done TV.

I am happy about my transition from TV to films. I have done about 6 six films, and I am shooting two.

You are going to star in Siti Maar with Gopichand. How has that experience been?

It is beautiful He is very polite. That is the best part. I had a good experience shooting with all of them. very comfortable.

Tamannaah and I are yet to shoot together.

You play the role of a journalist in the film. Do you sympathize with us, incidentally?

Oh my God (laughs). This is a very different kind of journalist. When you set it, you will realize that it is not the struggle that you people have to go through.

There has been a conversation that not enough soulful roles are written for women in Bollywood. Do you see that pattern or do you think you broke the rut?

Honestly, it is very difficult for me to get satisfaction in anything. But, if I look at it more, I’ll be able to find out appropriately whether it was FryDay or Syrup field rings. Now, the Hindi film I am doing is a period drama. It is a war film. The style is seen. Luckily, I have it in my kitty.

I’m not sure you have seen Hippies But I have got an opportunity to act in that film also, I am able to justify my role. I am in the beginning of my career. You have to give everything a fair chance.

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