A Simple Murder Review: Mohammad Zeeshan’s Dark Humor Niyam Ayyab-Priya Anand’s web series with superb performances by Sushant Singh and Amit Sial!

A simple murder review: Despite the title, there is nothing simple about ‘Murder’ or its plot A simple murderNew web-series on SonyLIV. Was directed by Sachin Pathak Rangbaaz Fame, A simple murder Is a black comedy, featuring a down-to-luck hero, his opportunistic wife, two hitmen, and an inter-religious duo on men. Not to mention, it is the title ‘Murder’ that is running all these mixed characters from each other or from each other. A Simple Murder Trailer: Mohammed Zeeshan Ayub, Sushant Singh and Amit Sial promised a great ride in this dark thriller

If a mouse is the reason that half the universe is shown to exist Avengers: Endgame, Then the same animal is also responsible for Manisha (Mohammed Zeeshan Ayub) coming to luck. A wannabe entrepreneur who is debt-ridden and not fortunate enough, he is married to Richa (Priya Anand), who is now tired of this marriage and his married boss, called Rahul (Ayaz Khan), Is unaware of) him, betraying him as well.

Due to the confusing circumstances caused by the above rat, what Manish thinks is an investor meeting but it turns out to be something else. He is considered a contract killer and is assigned by Pandit (Yashpal Sharma), a powerbroker to kill a young girl. Greed for more money, Manish decided to pursue the task, only to play more twisted games in his life, and then bring in two hitmen, Santosh (Amit Sial) and Himmat (Sushant Singh), in pursuit. And yes, there is also a bag of Rs 5 crores on which everyone wants to put their hands.

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A simple murder Is very folded Fargo– Measures, that brings one surprising development after another. Each main character, save for a young couple (Ankur Pandey and Tejaswi Singh), is repetitive in nature, rolling things out with his unexpected actions (though, after some time, backstabbing, betrayal and even That murders also become a repetition). The main characters were executed before the final episode. The narrative gets a bit grim by the sixth episode, though it does feel a little loss, however, but the unpredictability still fuels the go-on.

The writing (Akhilesh Jaiswal, Prateik Payodhi) has some brilliant visuals of black humor, especially when it brings together two or more unexpected characters in unexpected situations. Like when Pandit tries to catch two of his targets (one deliberate, one unexpected) at an ATM, resulting in a hilarious deadlock. Or any scene of Sushant Singh or the illustrious Amit Sial.

Also help in creating demonstrations A simple murder An attractive watch. Mohammed Zeeshan Ayub, a good actor, does full justice to his first series as the main character (he has a supporting role in it Rangbaaz). When he handles the black comedies well, in Ayyab’s tearful monologue he shares with Rat, he needs to sing alone. Great there!

Another extraordinary performance in the show is that of Amit Sial, as a cold-blooded killer to show mouths to poets. A far less talented genius, Amit Sial steals every scene with his cool performance until it needs to be explosive. Talking about The Undertaker, it is not easy to ignore Sushant Singh, who is brilliant as a more humane hitman. OTT Week Released: Raat Ries on ZEE5, Number 13 on Amazon Prime, Holiday Home Makeover with Christmas on Netflix and more.

Yashpal Sharma has some funny lines and often presents the chakals with his acting despite being one of the villains. Vikram Kochhar and Gopal Dutt are as good as two cops on the track of a series of crimes. Special mention should also be given to Durgesh Kumar, who plays the migrant waiter Shankar. There is a riot in every scene he is in.

Priya Anand is the only minor Priya in the cast. While she has a very unpredictable and twisted character, her performance lacks the conviction to pull off the role, not helped by the fact that she is on the roster with some terrific actors.

PS (with a little SPOILER): While Twitter is buzzing Madhya Pradesh wants to advance the law love jihad, It is a strange coincidence that one of the plotlines is A simple murder There is a Hindu girl who lives with a Muslim boy. Perhaps the makers want to have fun at the cost of RW trolls, with Pandit, who puts a hit on the girl, seen as a religious man, while the boy, going disguised in Barkha, is suggesting the girl Is converted to Islam for his protection, an idea he brushes away immediately. Nevertheless, the show depicts him as the most comfortable of all the characters, as they are tied to Love.


– Actor Group

– Unexpected screenplay with considerable black humor


– The narrative becomes repetitive after a point

– Priya Anand misses performance

final thoughts

A simple murder If you like the black comic thriller with the nuances of Job, Sushant Singh and Amit Sial, it turns out to be an enjoyable, easy-to-watch watch. A simple murder Streaming on SonyLIV.

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