Taylor Swift revealed that her mastery has been viewed for the 2nd time, believing she sees the ‘surprizes’ in store to re-record her old music (see post)

Lyricist Taylor Swift is in discussion again for her song owner. Unfortunately, her troubles with Scooter Braun have not only ended, but Taylor’s own admission has also hampered her future tie-up prospects with another company. The 10-Times Grammy Award winner, in a Twitter letter, informed his fans and well-wishers that while he was working to buy his old music from Scooter Braun, he went ahead and sold it to his master private equity company. Is named Shamrock Holdings. Taylor Swift urged fans to help her after she stopped performing her decade-old songs at the American Music Awards.

Taylor also went on Twitter to explain how she was asked to sign the NDA (non-disclosure agreement), saying that she would never talk about Scooty Braun in a negative light. He also mentions how Shamrock had informed him of his master’s purchase that he intended to contact him, but Bron and his team instructed him not to do so. ‘Taylor Free is ‘Trend on Fire on Fans Gush’ and wait for Taylor Swift to finally re-record her old music, see tweets in support of the American singer !.

See her Twitter post below:

She also attached a letter that her team had sent to Shamrock Holdings, where she was willing to make a deal with them for her share of her masters with the company, but how the scooter Braun still finds her masters Benefiting from, she is forced to quit with “good conscience” and conversation. She also mentioned how she would open up with Shemrock in the future when they are completely “independent of Scooter Braun and her colleagues”.

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