Nearly half of the 83 people participating in the Ohio marriage test for COVID-19

The recent Ohio wedding was attended by 83 people and became the latest super-spreader event amid a nationwide surge in Kovid-19, nearly half of them testing positive for coronovirus, the newlywed couple said.

Among the 32 people who contracted the virus were the couple, Anthony and Mikayla Bishop, and their three grandparents, two of whom went to the emergency room, Bishop said in an interview with NBC affiliate WLWT of Cincinnati.

Mikayla Bishop said, “I didn’t think about half the guests were going to come to our wedding.” “You are in the moment. You are joking You no longer think about COVID. “

The outbreak linked to the October 31 incident has been increasing in states across the country as the case progresses, overwhelmed hospitals and authorities have imposed new restrictions on places to stay home and places such as indoor businesses and schools.

Ohio is one of a dozen states where the number of new cases has risen by 221,000 in the past two weeks, according to a tally at Johns Hopkins University. On Monday, November 2 is 305,000. Mike Devin said on Tuesday Ohio will now be under a curfew In an attempt to stop the growth in his kingdom.

In Cleveland, officials recorded so many new infections over the weekend that they could not briefly count them all for Monday.

“The city of Cleveland is experiencing an unprecedented boom in coronovirus cases, with nothing yet reported during this epidemic,” a city statement said.

Public health experts have warned against preventing large numbers of weddings in the midst of rising weddings. Outbreaks of incidents have increased in Washington State, New York and Minnesota, and after a ceremony in Maine, 176 people tested positive for the virus and seven died.

With the increase in recent cases, Bishop told WLWT that he had reduced his guest list from 200 to 85 and distributed hand sanitizers and masks. But aside from the couple’s grandparents, some appeared wearing masks, even when they were loose during the reception and close to each other on the dance floor.

Mikayla Bishop started showing symptoms during her honeymoon in North Carolina, she told the station. The couple then received a call that their grandparents were ill.

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