More than half the country has issued facade requirements. See if your state has any mandate.

At the age of COVID-19, the act of wearing masks in public has become another front in America’s bitter culture wars. But even amid divisions, a growing number of states – including some led by Republican governors – now face the mandate.

More than half of the states had issued mask requirements as of 17 November, a move that public health experts say will help prevent the spread of coronovirus as cases increase in many areas.

Arkansas Village. Asa Hutchinson, a Republican who opposed a statewide mask requirement, released as a Colorado Gov in July. Jared Polis, a Democrat.

But some political squads showed no signs of ending it: In July, the Governor of Georgia sued the Mayor of Atlanta against the city’s facade law, a day after he banned local governments from requiring coverings.

Between late July and November, several new states issued masked mandates, including Utah, Minnesota, Wisconsin, Vermont, Indiana, and Ohio.

As NBC News reported, now a look is at where masks are put on by state governments. We will update this page in the coming days.

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