Biden announced new White House staff

President-elect Joe Biden announced additional senior White House staff hires, tapping as some of his longest-serving aides to serve new players in Biden’s class in key roles in the West Wing.

Louisiana congressman and former president of the Congressional Black Caucus, Cedric Richmond, who served as Biden’s campaign co-chairman, will lead the White House of Public Engagement. The post was designed to help them advance Biden’s agenda in the federal government, and to work with state and local governments, and as a “point of entry” for outside groups, according to Anita Dunn, a Biden Also gives broad access to work as transition consultant Top campaign role.

Jane O’Malley Dillon, Biden’s campaign manager, will serve as deputy chief since March. She did not initially expect Biden to serve in the White House, but was urged by Biden officials to remain on her as she successfully navigated the creation and execution of a general election campaign under exceptional circumstances.

Steve Riksheti, who has been on Biden’s side since 2012 and, like Klan, served as Biden’s vice president as chief of staff, will serve as senior consultant. Mike Donilon, chief strategist for the 2020 Biden campaign, as well as throughout his political career, will be a senior adviser. Anthony Bernal, who was deputy campaign manager and chief of staff Jill Biden and became a trusted adviser to Biddens, both in the Obama administration, will serve as senior adviser to the incoming First Lady.

Jill Biden will serve as Julissa Renoso Pantaleon, serving as Chief of Staff. A former US ambassador to Uruguay and deputy assistant secretary of state, Pantalione and Biden co-authored a Washington Post op-ed in this post about their first experiences with the plight of asylum seekers on the US-Mexico border.

Julie Rodriguez, who served as the political director of Vice President Kamala Harris’s presidential campaign and later joined Biden’s campaign as deputy campaign manager, will direct intergovernmental affairs to the White House office. Died Remus, Biden campaign general counsel, will transition to White House counsel. His resume includes a clerkship for Supreme Court Justice Samuel Alito.

And Oval Office operations will be overseen by Annie Tommasini, who served as Biden’s travel chief in the campaign after more than a decade in various roles with the presidential-election, including his 2008 presidential campaign.

“What these pics show, as happened with the announcement by Ron Clann’s Chief of Staff, is that he is committed to bringing talented and experienced people into government to meet the challenges that lie ahead Help walk the ground, ‚ÄĚDunn told NBC News. “Some of the people on this list have worked in not one but two administrations. These are people who know how the government works and how to run the process.”

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