The Biden team tapped judicial veterans to ease transition deadlock

WASHINGTON – President-elect Joe Biden’s team is tapping the recently departed department of judicial officers as part of an effort to prepare a transition with cooperation from the Trump administration.

President Donald Trump refused to accept that he had delayed the re-election to certify Biden’s transition to the General Services Administration, creating a permanent deadlock that has led the presidential-election team to giant The federal bureaucracy is barred from starting a formal process of handling.

Pressure has increased in Congress, including Republicans, to allow Biden to begin the transition process, particularly on security-sensitive issues such as intelligence and the Kovid-19 response.

When it comes to the Department of Justice, Biden’s team is trying to avoid problems by relying on the department’s own knowledge to organize and set priorities, according to a source familiar with planning. Was authorized to speak to.

His transition team announced the agency’s review teams last week, including a slate from the Justice Department that tasked the department with conducting investigations.

Additionally, some of Biden’s teams are working with recently deceased lawyers as well as former law enforcement personnel to get a window into the current administration. The team is reviewing broader policy and judicial issues through publicly available and open source documents.

If Biden’s team had been working under normal circumstances, the transition would have already led to contacting all aspects of justice, including the FBI, the Drug Enforcement Administration, the US Marshals, the Bureau of Prisons and Alcohol, Tobacco, Firearms and Explosives. Will work. . But without GSA approval, those discussions have not begun.

The source said that while it would be good to keep a list of all pending lawsuits and current investigations, they are concerned about being indiscriminate with a major arrest or announcement at the last minute. Undercover operations, corruption cases or investigations of well-known personalities are kept under wraps and this may come as a surprise to the Biden team.

The Department of Justice also plays an important role in national security, adding that Biden’s team is not receiving the necessary intelligence briefing that would allow them to take any case originally.

The FBI has a team ready to brief Biden – once they are authorized to do so, a bureau official said. It includes raw intelligence, some of which are also in regular intelligence briefings, but it also contains details about major investigations across the country.

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