Thavasi, Tamil actor, suffers from cancer; The video of the artist’s help seeking treatment goes viral as fans were shocked with his drastic change

Not every actor is born with a silver spoon, or becomes one later in his life. While we are amazed by the starry air of our fave superstars, there are many actors who struggle to meet their end. Recently a video of Tamil actor, Thavasi, known for supporting roles in quite a few films, went viral on Facebook. If you know the actor’s work, we will not blame you for not recognizing Thawasi in the video, and be shocked at the realization. Selvarathinam, Tamil serial actor of Tamilmoji BA fame, death from hacking in Chennai: report.

Easily recognizable for his thick mustache, Thawasi is rarely identified in the video, as he is limited to the skin and bones. The actor is suffering from cancer and is admitted to a hospital from where the video has been taken by a theater actor. The video is intended to help Thawasi pay more money for her cancer treatment.

In the video, Thawasi is seen appealing to fans to help him in his critical situation. According to Galatta, He is heard saying, “In a career of over 30 years, I have acted in films Kizhaku Chemayile Service Annaatthe. I never thought that I would be affected by this kind of disease. I am unable to do anything. I am not able to speak properly. I request all my fellow artists and people of the state to help me overcome this so that I can continue my acting. ” Ajit Das, a 71-year-old Versatile Odia film actor who died, tested positive for COVID-19.

Watch the video below:

Thawasi’s son was also seen on Twitter, appealing for help with his father’s treatment.

Thavasi, known for her roles in films like Azhagarasamyam Kuthirai And Varuthapadada Valibar Sangam, Was also involved in a road accident in September 2019. While returning with the crew after completing the shoot for a serial, the actor’s vehicle met with an accident, injuring him severely.

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