Mona Ambegaonkar has written on beans based on director Shekhar Kapur’s sexism, believing that ‘intelligent actresses are not attractive’ (see tweet)

We are in the 21st century. Nevertheless, there are many primitive minds who think that a woman is just about her form. Sexism acts as tenfloods in the entertainment industry. Being a woman in society is not easy, and it becomes difficult if you become one with the film fraternity. Patriarchy is very common in the world of light, camera, action. Throwing some light on the same, lead actress Mona Ambegavkar revealed on Twitter how she once faced sex with none other than Shekhar Kapoor. Shekhar Kapoor launched Raj Kapoor, Dev Anand’s example, Rishi Kapoor, Vijay Anand while launching, ‘Not about nepotism, it’s about opening gates to new talent’.

It happened that a Twitter user named Siddharth asked a question and everyone read, ‘What does it look like that is not sexist, but is actually sexist?’ There were many answers to this thoughtful question, even Mona Ambegaonkar answering it, saying, “Actresses should not be very intelligent. Keep your mind at home when you go to work in front of the camera. @Aksharpur said this. Me. Wise actresses are not attractive. ” Shekhar Kapur is the new FTII chairman and chairman of its governing council.

See the tweet below:

Well, now we wonder what Shekhar Kapur has to say on this comment. Talking about veteran star Mona, kudos to her for speaking her mind. Sexism is present in every region and not just movies but when an actress spontaneously and openly advocates sexual favors, it is truly inspiring. stay tuned!

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