Marlins GM Kim Ng said some prospects were not up-and-up before the historic new role

Newly appointed Miami Marlins general manager Kim Ng admitted on Monday that her long road to an MLB corner office included job interviews where she was not a serious candidate.

While interviewing reporters via a zoom call in Marlins Park, Ng was asked if he felt previous interviews for high-level jobs could be window dressing for bosses to claim that he was a diverse candidate. Were considering the pool.

“Yes, many times I felt that the interview was probably not over-the-top,” Ng said, the first woman to become an MLB general manager and only the second Asian American.

“But I would say that simply having my name was a source of hope for people. And so you do because you know that you just have to put your name out.”

Even if Ng was never made MLB general manager, the former New York Yankees and Los Angeles Dodgers executive insisted that undergoing the interview process was important for future generations.

“It wasn’t about me, it was about others,” she said. “It was about other bosses who can interview minorities and women. It was about the women behind me. Or it was about women starting in all sports during baseball and sports. It’s just about them. I was going to tell. “

After an hour-long meeting with reporters, MLB network analyst Ron Darling visibly extended Ng’s “slow track” to a corner office in Miami.

“If you start him again, he should have been on the fast track” to become MLB general manager, former Mets pitcher Darling told the audience.

“She was on a slow track, quite frankly, because she was an Asian woman. So it replaces all of them today with this mercenary.”

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