Bigg Boss 14 November 16 Synopsis: Captain Eli Gony Rubina Dilaiik and Abhinav Shukla nominated earlier


Bigg Boss 14 has gained momentum and everyone is finding out who to support and who to stand against. The day begins when Kavita Kaushik and Jan Kumar Sanu lock the locks. Kavita responds to Jan’s allegations that she is not herself and is fake. Kavita on her part accused Jan of not having any presence in the Bigg Boss house. Kavita also accuses other housewives of grouping and attacking her. Ellie jumps into Gony and says that there are no groups in the house. Instead, he accuses Kavita of trying to form a group with Nikki Tamboli, saying that she has caught gossip about him. Preview of Bigg Boss 14: Kavita Kaushik Yales and Crease; Captain L Goni gets the power to nominate (see video).

Jan supports Eli and says that he has heard Nikki and Kavita talking about Eli in a negative light. He also says that if Ijaz Khan was not a factor, Kavita would have nothing to talk about and get footage in the Bigg Boss house. While Kavita stands her ground against all the charges, she later breaks down and says in front of Jasmine Bhasin that she should not have entered the Bigg Boss house! Bigg Boss 14: Devoleena Bhattacharjee reacted to Salman Khan’s remarks on Rashmi Desai and was evidenced in the last season because of their last few seasons, called ‘Muje Gusta Mat Dilo’.

That dreaded time of the week is here and this time it comes with a twist. As a captain, Ellie is given the opportunity to choose the six people he wants to nominate, one of whom will be kicked out of the Bigg Boss house.

Inside the confession room, Ellie’s first two names seem obvious. He takes the name of the poem first, as she believes she makes unnecessary arguments. Her other name is Nikki, as she believes she is speaking with Kavita behind her back. But the third name he takes is shocking! He names Rubina Dilac as someone he wants to nominate for eviction! Rubina herself is shocked, considering her and Abhinav Shukla Ellie a close friend. Who are the other nominated contestants? Are groups being formed in Bigg Boss house?

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