Bigg Boss 14 November 16 Episode: Kavita, Nikki, Jaan, Rubina, Ejaz, Jasmine Nominee – 5 Highlights of BB14

After the elimination of Diwali and Shardul Pandit, it is time for another nomination work. This will be one of the most interesting nominations Bigg Boss 14. This time the contestants will not have to take each other’s names, but will continue to replace the nominated contestants one by one. The dynamics of the house has also changed. Nikki Tamboli and Jan Kumar Sanu are no longer friends. For Ejaz Khan, the feelings of Pavitra Punia have also changed. Ellie Gony and Nikki’s newly formed friendship will also be jeopardized when he nominates her. Bigg Boss 14: Devoleena Bhattacharjee reacted to Salman Khan’s remarks on Rashmi Desai and was evidenced in the last season because of their last few seasons, called ‘Muje Gusta Mat Dilo’.

Ijaz and Holy take a break?

Ejaz is trying to console Pavitra, but it seems that she has moved on. She says that Ejaz is playing a game with her. Ijaz asks her about the relationship that has happened in the last few days. She says that she is now only a friend to him, nothing more.

Later, when Ejaz and Rahul argue, Pavitra makes a comment on him, which the former does not like. Bigg Boss 14 Weekend’s War November 15 Episode: Jasmine Bhasin Feels Rubina Dilayik Has Superiority Complex; Shardul Pandit Eviction – Highlights of 5 BB14.

Nikki and Rahul Bond

Jaan is talking to Pavitra and tells her that her eyes are opened after Nikki’s behavior. Pavitra says she is doing so to be safe from nomination. Later, Rahul and Nikki bond. Rahul kisses Nikki on her head. They both say that they have a soft corner for each other.


Bigg Boss announced that not all contestants would get a chance to nominate anyone. A, being the captain, is protected from nomination. Aly has been asked to take pictures of six contestants to nominate. He chose Kavita Kaushik, Nikki Tamboli, Jan Kumar Sanu, Abhinav Shukla, Ejaz Khan and Rubina Dilac.

He has been asked to name a contestant from among the contestants who can change a name in the list. Nominee contestants are allowed to convince Abhinav to change the name from nomination.

Abhinav takes a picture of Rubina and puts a picture of Rahul there. Abhinav next cast Jasmine to participate in the nomination. He saves Abhinav and changes his picture with Pavitra Punia.

Rahul saved Pavithra

Jasmine chooses Rahul to come to the next room. Nikki tries to convince Rahul to save Rahul and Pavitra. Rahul saves Pavitra and asks her to come to the next room. Rahul nominated Rubina in place of Pavitra.

Pavitra saved Rahul

Since Rahul saved Pavitra, he saved her. She nominates Jasmine instead. So, the final nominations are Kavita, Nikki, Jaan, Rubina, Ejaz, Jasmine.

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