The incoming Biden chief of staff warned that delayed vaccine delivery is in danger

WASHINGTON – Ron Clann, the incoming Chief of Staff for President-elect Joe Biden, urged the Trump administration to reverse course on Sunday and begin working on a presidential transition so that “nothing changes in this change of power” Which endanger the delivery capacity of the incoming administration. Coronovirus vaccine.

President Donald Trump and his campaign continued to pursue legal challenges to the outcome in several states and made unfounded allegations of widespread fraud.

Meanwhile, the federal government has yet to receive a major determination from the General Services Administration that will allow agencies to begin collaborating with a transition, which Klan told “Meet the Press” gave the Biden team the current administration. Left unable to talk to. Officials or in the US alone begin planning how 240,000 casualties should work during the crisis.

“Joe Biden is going to become the President of the United States in the midst of an ongoing crisis. It has to be a seamless change.

“Now we have the possibility, we need to see if it gets approved, a vaccine that starts in December, January. But people are [the Department of Health and Human Services] Planning to implement that vaccine. Our experts need to talk to them as soon as possible so that nothing falls in this change of power. ”

Last week, drug manufacturer Pfizer announced its vaccine was 90 percent effective and the White House said of its “Operation War Speed” that in December there would be enough vaccines to vaccinate about 20 million people per month.

But Biden’s transition effort says it has begun planning its own distribution for the vaccine because the federal government is still barring from working with its public health officials.

Klan described the effort from a laboratory to manufacture, distribute, and ultimately get an effective vaccine into the arms of Americans as a “massive logistics project” that requires careful collaboration.

“Vaccination is great but vaccines do not save lives, vaccination saves lives,” he said.

He called on congressional leaders to get “the help of individuals and governments amid the latest spike in affairs” that could eventually lead to serious health and economic consequences.

And he echoed Biden’s call for all Americans to wear masks last week, stating that Biden wants to “impose” a mask mandate “on a nationwide basis”.

He said, “On the first business day of this week, on Monday of this week, the President-Elect met with his Kovid Task Force and later made a public statement, where he called on all Americans to mask, he urged the governors. They now implement the masking mandate. Repeated the fact that when he becomes president, he will put one on a nationwide basis, “Klan said of Biden’s Monday speech.

Biden repeatedly entertained the idea of ​​a federal mask mandate during his campaign, stating that he believed the president had “legal authority” to issue one.

Last week, a senior Biden advisor told NBC News that Biden planned to push governors and mayors to implement facade mandates and weigh the facade mandate for federal buildings. Biden did not explicitly address a federal mask mandate in his speech on Monday – he designed the practice as an immediate measure of public health and American unity.

“So please, I implant you, wear a mask. Do it for yourself, do it for your neighbor. Not a masked political statement, but it is a good way to pull the country together, ”he said. “The goal of wearing a mask is not to make your life less comfortable or to take away from you. It is to give something back to all of us for a normal life. “

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