Death of Soumitra Chatterjee: From Charulata to Ganashatru, featuring actor of the best Satyajit Ray films you can watch online

Veteran actor Soumitra Chatterjee has passed away. He was 85. He breathed his last at a hospital in Kolkata. He signed COVID-19 in October. However, he recovered from the virus, his comoridities severely worsened. Soumitra was recognized globally as an artist. He is noted for his frequent collaborations with the late director Satyajit Ray. Chatterjee has acted in 14 films directed by Ray. Soumitra made her debut with the critically acclaimed film, Appu Sansar. He does not know why Ray took him in many of his films. Soumitra Chatterjee died after the war of 85 COVID-19

“He never told me anything. But I think it could be because there was an understanding, our wavelengths matched. He probably knew that I had this hunger to portray different roles and was versatile as an actor. Was. Also, it was easy to mold me. A particular image can break through, “he said in an interview.

Actor has acted in films like Satyajit Ray Charulata, Teenage girl, SongsJatru, Abhijan. Saumitra Feluda also became the face of the series.

Today, to recall Chatterjee, we recommend viewers to watch some titles by Ray. We are compiling a list of titles available for online viewing.


Soumitra gave Dr. Played the role of Ashok Gupta, who discovers a harmful bacteria in the holy water at the temple of Bhuvanapur, a small town. Consumption of holy water leads to jaundice spreading in the city among residents and tourists. The beneficiaries of the municipality and the temple avoid making the secret public.

Ashani Saket (1973)

This film, based on the novel of the same name, explores the effects of the great famine of 1943 on the villages of Bengal. The film The New York Times Guide features one of the best 1,000 films

Abhijan (1962)

Talking about the film, Soumitra said, “Manikada has already given me a variety of roles, such as Amulya in Samapathi (Kishore Kanya, 1961), Abhigyan in Narsingh (1962), Ashani Sankte (1973) Gangacharan, which I could do. I come from a small town (Krishnanagar in Nadia district) and had experienced the post-Bengal famine of 1943. “

Kishore Kanya (1962)

Teen is an anthology film directed by Kanye Ray. Saumitra acted in the segment Samapti. The Academy Film Archive preserved the 1996 international version of Kishore Kanya.

Charulata (1964)

The film is based on Rabindranath Tagore’s novel The Lonely Nest. Soumitra plays the role of Amaal, who develops a friendship with her sister-in-law. He develops romantic feelings for her, but is unable to reciprocate.

While Soumitra praised Ray his entire life, the director has rarely praised him. The actor realized how this is coded to the director. “The letter he gave to Cine Central in 1990, when he held the ground floor in 1990 (Kishore Dasamitra Saumitra’s three-month-old), is the ultimate tribute I can hope for: ‘Till the last day of my creative life Soumitra will be trusted. ‘I can’t expect anything more from this in my life, “he revealed in an interview.

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