Bigg Boss 14: Kavita Kaushik has tears in her eyes as she talks about her father’s cancer

Bigg Boss 14 Contestant Kavita Kaushik is always in discussion for something or the other. FIR The actress is playing her game very cleverly and winning the love of the audience. Once evicted from the house and re-entered the house, Kavita is now more aware of how to play the game. But when Kaushik is executing the game very strongly, there are some emotional breakdowns along with it. Contestant Kavita Kaushik of Bigg Boss 14 reveals why she becomes a part of the contemporary reality TV show.

During a recent episode, the actress breaks down remembering her father Dinesh Chandra Kaushik, who lost her battle with cancer a few years back. During an episode of Additional spice of Bigg Boss, Kaushik talked to Jasmin Bhasin and Rahul Vaidya about becoming the apple of their father’s eye and how much they missed him. She told how her father’s faith had a great impact on her illustrious career. She revealed that the way she acted, her body language was genuine as she mimicked her father. In the clip, Kaushik said, “I was the female version of Dinesh Chandra Kaushik.”

He said, “He was a wonderful person, I can still feel him around me. I changed a lot after I passed away. As long as our parents are around, we get his blessings and support. . We feel that nothing can go wrong. They are there. But after he passed away, I began to realize my mistakes. “She said that her father’s death helped her to realize that she had to face the world. How to improve yourself before moving to. Kavita Kaushik sent pictures of her private parts to an Instagram user, which was a police complaint.

He also told how his father was always worried about Kavita’s marriage. She reveals that when her father finds out about Ronit Biswas, she is overjoyed that Kavita has finally found someone who can take care of her. Kavita also tells Jasmine and Rahul that her father’s last word was also about how happy she was to see him with Ronit.

Also, the tension between Kavita and Ejaz Khan is getting bigger. The actress slaps Ejaz for being harsh in front of Salman Khan and says that she deserves a punishment.

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