Sonam Kapoor back in support of Riya Chakraborty, media trial ‘traumatizing’

Sonam Kapoor never avoided sharing her opinion with the media from time to time. She is never afraid of what others will say and has boldly talked about things she thinks are wrong. She was one of the many actors who supported Riya Chakraborty during her media trail in the case of Sushant Singh Rajput’s death and has once again called the same call as trail traumatizing. Sonam Kapoor asked people not to vote on Twitter as it would lead to condemnation of the world, chaos would spread.

Sonam, who featured on the cover of a major entertainment magazine, talked about the length of Riya’s media trailer. She said, “I wasn’t in the line of fire, but it was painful to see what my colleagues have done, and the witch-hunt that has happened. I’m scared… women are such soft targets.”

He went on to say, “Nobody has said about men in the way women are being talked about right now. It’s almost like we’ve gone back decades … Where, if you If you are a woman in the film or fashion industry, you are not thought of as an artist or a creative person. Instead, your moral character was questioned. ” Sonam Kapoor described life after her marriage to Anand Ahuja and It’s Phenomenal.

He also said that the male director is made a ‘hero’ and when he enters the industry he is seen as a witch. He said, “We are artists. What is the difference between us and a male actor or director? They are made into ‘heroes’ and women are made witches! It makes me sick and sick. And it is also strange that some women are taking this narrative forward… there is a lot of non-equalization that needs to happen. “

After Sushant’s death, there was a lot of hatred towards film families and Star Kids. Sonam was one of the main targets who received death threats and blackmail from Instagram users following her remarks on Riya’s arrest. She revealed that she had closed the comments section on her and her parents’ Instagram account to keep her and her family at peace.

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