Kovid spreads North Dakota’s first mask mandate, New Mexico, Oregon partial lockdown

A resurgence in coronavirus cases led the North Dakota governor to issue a statewide facade mandate after months of opposing such action, while Oregon and New Mexico ordered partial lockdowns.

“New Mexico is at breaking point,” New Mexico Government. Michelle Lujan Grisham said.

According to NBC News, the United States broke another record in 176,309 new coronavirus cases on Friday, despite a stringent sanctions, a nationwide total of 10,818,345. More than 100,000 new cases have been reported in the country for 10 consecutive days.

On an average, there are nearly 1,000 deaths a day. According to NBC News, the virus has claimed the lives of 245,555 people nationwide.

Between Events:

  • North Dakota issued new statewide requirements, including a face-mask mandate.
  • Oregon ordered a two-week “freeze” starting Wednesday, requiring businesses to stop operating the person.
  • The new residence order of New Mexico will come into effect from Monday.
  • Six governors of northeastern states are holding an “emergency summit” this weekend to coordinate efforts in response to an increase in cases across the region.

North Dakota Republican Late Friday, the government announced Doug Bergam That “the state health officer, with my full support, has issued an order requiring that all indoor occupations be worn in public settings and outdoor public settings where physical disturbances are not possible.”

The order will remain in effect until 13 December.

In addition, all bars and restaurants in North Dakota will be required to close at 10 a.m. Monday. And operate at 50 percent capacity, as long as the knot does not exceed 150 people. All banquet, ballroom and event Venues will be limited to 25 percent of maximum occupancy, and school winter sports and additional activities will be suspended.

“To be clear, these are statewide requirements, not just recommendations,” Bergam said.

The number of active positive cases in North Dakota has doubled since October 20 to nearly 10,500, indicating that future hospitalizations may increase at a time when the state’s health care system capacity is already strained .

The Governor said, “This is a danger to our hospitals in not only jeopardizing the ability to provide first-rate treatment to Kovid-19 patients, but also to others caring for other conditions.”

Bergenum said coronovirus has killed at least 700 people in North Dakota as the state’s 14-day average positive exam rate doubled to 15.6 percent last month.

North Dakota Village. Doug Bergam speaks in Bismarck on March 20, 2020.Bismarck Tribune via Tom Strome / AP File

In Oregon, Democratic Gov. Kate Brown ordered a two-week “freeze” starting Wednesday, under which many businesses must close their offices to the public and employees must work from home “to the greatest extent” possible.” He said violators of the order could face fines or arrests.

Brown said, “For the past eight months, I have been asking Oregonians to follow the letter and the spirit of the law and we have chosen not to enforce the law.” “At this time, unfortunately, we have no other choice.”

While most Oregon stores will remain open, gyms, museums, pools, movie theaters and zoos will be forced to close, and restaurants and bars will be limited to take over. Social ceremonies will be limited to six people.

Dr., an emergency medicine physician at Oregon Health and Science University. Esther Chu gave an emotional plea on Friday, stating that the new restrictions would help save her life and the lives of her family members, neighbors and friends and other essential workers. state.

“Many of you rang the bell and rang the bell and signed us up and called us heroes, and we are very grateful for that,” Chu said. “Right now, we are asking you to be our hero and to hear our call for help again.”

Oregon has grown by 93.4 percent over the last nine weeks, with an average of about 900 new cases in the past two days. Since the onset of the epidemic, approximately 55,000 Oregonians have been infected, at least 753 have died.

In New Mexico, Democratic Governments Put Michelle Mitchell Grisham Order to stay at home for two weeks Starting on Monday. New Mexicans can only go out for necessary trips. The governor said that essential businesses could run in a limited capacity and that non-business businesses would have to cease all “in-person workforce and activities”.

“We are in a life-or-death situation, and if we don’t act right now, we can’t preserve life, we can’t save lives, and we can’t afford our current health care system and infrastructure Will crush it completely. ” Lujan Grisham said.

New Mexico has seen a nearly 59 percent increase in cases and an increase in deaths over the past two weeks. The virus has killed about 1,200 people in the state and infected 62,006.

The state of New York, once the epicenter of the epidemic, is now ordering gyms, restaurants and bars to close at 10 pm and limit private ceremonies to 10 people. In New York City, Mayor Bill de Blasio said parents should be prepared for the possible closure of schools because coronavirus positivity rates are around 3 percent.

New York Government. Andrew Kyomo and five other governors from northeastern states were scheduled to hold an “emergency summit” this weekend to coordinate efforts to slow the spread of the virus across the region.

“We believe we are going to take additional steps,” the Democratic governor said on Friday, adding that he does not expect any major changes over the weekend.

New York has seen more than 45,700 new coronovirus cases in the past 14 days, with 4,163 new cases reported per day in the past week.

Cuomo said he expects infection rates in New York to continue to rise and the holiday season will begin.

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