Kovid kills 4-year-old boy’s mother and father in San Antonio

Raiden Gonzalez will turn 5 this month. But his parents would not be there to celebrate with him.

The 4-year-old mother died in Kovid-19 in October, a few months after the illness her father also died.

“He misses his mother since he was a maternal uncle’s boy,” his grandmother, Rosie Salinas, told NBC News on Saturday. “She told me this morning that she wished her mother would come back and she just wanted her back.”

Raiden’s mother, Maria’s mother Salinas, said, “I mean what do I tell her? You know, so I told her that they are now keeping an eye on us and protecting us.”

Raiden Gonzalez.Courtesy Gonzalez Family via KABB

Though still mourning himself, Salinas wants to make Raiden’s birthday on 28 November. She and her sister came up with an idea for a drive-by celebration, which she said now looks like it will be big enough.

“We have many truck clubs, bikers, mustang clubs, classic cars, jeep clubs, and fire departments. It’s going to be a huge turnout,” she said.

Salinas said the family’s tragic saga began when Radian’s father’s colleague, who was working as a truck driver, tested positive for the virus earlier this year.

A few days later, Aden was hospitalized on 3 June after a positive test. Health care workers told the family that “he was one of the two sickest in the hospital,” Salinas said.

He died the week after on 26 June at the age of 33.

Salinas said that 29-year-old Ryan’s mother, Mariah, was still mourning her husband’s death on 5 October, when she died suddenly on 5 October.

Adan and Mariya Gonzalez.Courtesy Rosie Salinas

A few days after his death, Salinas received a call from the hospital stating that his patient had tested positive for the virus.

“Maria wanted to build a memorial for Aden, but she never got it,” Salinas said. She said she plans to build a memorial after the holidays for both her daughter and son-in-law.

Raiden’s mother was a teacher, and she is in prekindergarten at the school where she worked.

“I put her in the same preschool,” her grandmother said. “They really take good care of him. They know what his situation is.”

Raiden Gonzalez.Courtesy Gonzalez Family via KABB

Aden was amused on Saturday morning with the arrival of a surprise package, which contained a small dinosaur toy, which was his first birthday gift.

“He likes dinosaurs, he likes monster trucks, he likes hot wheels,” Salinas said. “But given that he chose the dinosaur theme for his birthday, he really liked it.”

Amidst all the suffering, Salinas states that his grandson pushes him forward.

“He is the one who keeps me going, just with his friendly and constant reminding me of how much he loves me. He is always thanking me for taking care of him, but I just have to think about him Got to, ”he said. “This is a difficult situation to process.”

Janhvi Bhojwani and Shamar Walters has contributed.

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